The exterior of your home, especially the curb, can significantly impact the first impression of your house. Making smart changes to the exterior not only works for the aesthetics but also may help boost the value of the property. 

Do you know that properties tend to sell faster when they have an enhanced curb appeal? That’s right. You can significantly increase the value as well as overall attractiveness of the property by making right improvements to your curb. 

However, maintaining the home exterior may pose a difficult task in areas with diverse climates, like Syracuse. Harsh winters and hot summers tend to take a toll on the outer appearance of your house. However, you can protect your investment with the right upgrades and create a lasting impression.

So, whether you are willing to make a faster sale, or just want to enhance the appearance of your house, explore with us some practical ideas to increase the curb appeal of your house. 

Install New Windows

Windows are an integral part of any house. If you want to attract people and increase the curb appeal of your house, it is important to install beautiful windows that are also functional with good insulation. You can consider replacing old windows with new ones which will instantly help you lift the look of the house without putting in much effort and money.

Besides, windows with good insulation will also help you cut down on energy consumption and bills by regulating the temperature inside the house in Syracuse climate.

After you have made your mind, make sure to hire one of the trusted Syracuse window replacement experts for this job, especially if it’s been a while since you last upgraded your windows. 

Remodel Deck

Another thing that you can consider to increase the curb appeal of your house is to remodel your deck. Deck is mostly an extended part of your house which can profusely provide transition between indoor and outdoor areas of your house. 

Whether in the front, back or side of the house, an inviting deck can ultimately increase the curb appeal of your house. If your house deck is boring and not used in a while, it is time to make changes and bring some color to the deck. It will not only enhance the charm of your property, but also provide an outdoor oasis to relax under the stars. 

To really up the game, you can add fire pits and other entertainment amenities to enjoy the outdoor breeze with your friends and family. It’s a worthwhile investment in both aesthetics and overall property worth. 

Upgrade the Front Door

While it may seem like an unnecessary investment to some homeowners, spending on a well-defined front door can be worth the time, hassle and money. It’s a worthy investment that can significantly increase your home’s value.

While creating a positive first impression for potential buyers, an upgraded front door will make your home aesthetically appealing. Replacing and installing a new front door pose many benefits as being one of the prominent features of your house facade. 

It can also help harmonize your house with the neighborhood and enhance the view of the house from the curb. Apart from that, if you are considering selling your property, remember that potential buyers will enter your home through the front door. This creates a crucial first impression. 

Additionally, since the front door serves as the entryway to your home, maintaining or replacing it with energy-efficient options like a fiberglass front door is an excellent way to enhance your house’s exterior charm while saving on utility bills.

Upgrade Your Driveway

Driveway of your house is the paved way to reach the entrance of your house and also provides access to the garage from the street. Upgrading your driveway will instantly and directly affect the curb appeal of your house. It can be a worthwhile investment that you can do to increase the overall value of the property.

If you want to make a lasting impression on potential buyers, it is important that your driveway is in optimal condition and well-maintained. Seeing a damaged or unsightly driveway is not going to impress anyone. Besides, maintaining the driveway will also keep it functional and easy to use

While making upgrades, you can consider adding a U-turn or widen the driveway, which makes maneuvering or parking heavy vehicles more convenient. Therefore, investing in high-quality materials for your driveway, such as stamped concrete, resin, or pavers, is advisable. 

This investment goes a long way and helps you save significantly on repairs and maintenance and contributes to a faster sale and potentially a higher selling price.

Pruning and Trimming Trees

Overgrown hedges and unkempt grass can only negatively affect the outer appearance of your house. While posing a safety hazard, overgrown greenery can deter potential buyers as well.

It is recommended  to hire certified professionals to handle tree-related tasks like trimming and pruning. This will help you leave a positive first impression and increase your home’s perceived value.

Fresh Coat of Paint

New colors are always appreciated. Adding a new coat of paint to the exterior of your house may significantly increase its appearance and appeal. However, it is important to not only go for looks. It may be wise to choose a paint that acts as a shield against harsh weather conditions and may protect your home from the elements.

If choosing a color is what confuses you, then you can simply go for any color that gives out a timeless and classy vibe. Or you can choose some neutral color which will go just fine in every season, like warm beiges, soft grays and classic whites.


If you want to sell your property faster, it is recommended to enhance the curb appeal of your property. You can make some upgrades and invest on the appearance of your house. However, planning is crucial to yield the best outcome for your investment.

Remember that the little details, such as stylish front doors and finishing touches, can make a huge difference in elevating your home’s appearance. So, implement these upgrades to create the ultimate exterior that reflects your unique style and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who passes by. 


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