Attics are a great place to store unused items or seasonal things. They are generally considered to be an out-of-sight, out-of-mind type of deal. Most American houses have attic spaces, which is great if you are in the habit of keeping extra stuff.

Depending on your attic space, you may or may not be able to store lots of stuff in it. The key to maximizing the space is to have practical storage solutions to solve real problems.

Follow these seven effective ways to organize your attic like a pro, you’ll be so grateful that you did:

  • Install Hanging Space

If your attic is unfinished or only partially finished, chances are that there will be a great deal of under-utilized space. Instead of wasting space by not using it, get a little creative and find interesting ways to use the space available.

Install a few tension or closet rods, that will enable you to maximize the storage space in your attic. Hanging space can be used to hold items like seasonal decorations, as well as bulkier clothing items that get changed out once or twice a year.

Hanging or tension rods takes up floor space that would otherwise largely be unused.

  • Invest In Transparent Bins

Attics are all about that extra storage space. Most Americans have messy attics that are dusty and filled with cobwebs and rodents. Yours doesn’t have to be like that – it just takes a bit of time and effort.

Spend a weekend transferring your stored items from cardboard boxes to transparent plastic bins. Clear bins are the best way to store your items and easily be able to find what you are looking for.

Plastic bins are less likely to be affected by rodents, and as a bonus – they prevent your stored items from getting dusty and dirty.

  • Learn To Label

Instead of getting frustrated and desperate whenever you venture into the attic to find something, invest in a label printer, and organize your attic like a pro. Many people use their attics to store seasonal clothing and linen until they are needed again. 

To make the most of your extra storage space right under your roof, vacuum seal and label items that would otherwise take up a lot of precious storage space. Vacuum bags remove air from the bags containing your items, keeping them fresh and more compact for storage.

  • Get Professional Help

Organizing extra household items can leave you wanting to rip your hair out. Instead of getting worked up over nothing, take a deep breath and a massive step back. Call in a team of trusty professionals like Attic Pros to give you the advice you so desperately need for creating an attic space that you can use.

When tackling household projects like these, it is best to have a plan. With the help of cleaning and organizing experts, your attic will be in tip-top shape.

  • Organize By Season

The highest room in your house is usually the most inaccessible and the least comfortable. You can change that by decluttering the space and getting it ready to be the best storage area ever.

Once you know what you need to store in the space, sort everything into categories. By sorting your items according to their season, you can review what you no longer need and storage bins and boxes accordingly.

Having specific zones will make finding things much quicker and easier. That means getting the Christmas decorations down each year will be a breeze!

  • Get Rid of Pests

Rats, mice, and cockroaches are the enemy of your attic. Rodents make nests, spread diseases and droppings, and chew through your precious, sentimental belongings.

Get the pest control services to help you formulate a plan to get your rodent problem in order before they have time to breed and destroy your belongings. There are humane ways to do this if that concerns you.

  • Keep Things Tidy

The best approach for keeping your attic in order is to keep it as clean and tidy as possible. Put dust covers over luggage, keep your sporting equipment sealed, and sweep or dust the area at least once a month.

A tidy attic is so much easier to keep organized, especially if you keep an inventory. Attics are bound to become cluttered again – it is just the nature of storage. Make a habit of checking your attic once or twice a month and you’ll quickly realize what a difference it makes to the space.


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