At some point in our lives, we all dream about living in big luxurious houses and fulfilling the American dream. We feel good knowing where all the successful people are living, and one of them is Adam Sandler. 

In the majority of his films, Adam Sandler has always been portrayed as a modest, funny, and kind man. But don’t let his simple public persona and overly casual appearance mislead you! He’s really quite wealthy.

Have you been wondering and searching where does Adam Sandler live? In this article, we will discuss all of the Adam Sandler house and what’s so interesting about it. But before moving forward, let us describe who the famous Adam Sandler is.

Who is Adam Sandler?

Adam Sandler is an American actor, comedian, and director. He began his career from 1990 to 1995 as a Saturday Night Live cast member. Later, he went on to star in The Wedding Singer and The Waterboy, both of which went on to become instant classics. Then, in 1999, he founded Happy Madison Productions, a production business of his own. He produced successful films there, including Mr. Deeds and 50 First Dates. He has frequently collaborated with the same people throughout his career, including Drew Barrymore and Steve Buscemi.

Where does Adam Sandler live?

Between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, near Los Angeles, is where you’ll find Pacific Palisades. In his neighborhood, Adam Sandler has several well-known neighbors. Conan O’Brien, a TV personality and comedian, is one notable neighbor. The two comedians have made no secret of their penchant for suddenly dropping by each other’s homes after a short stroll.

Adam Sandler has spent millions over the years acquiring prestigious residences in places like Florida, Massachusetts, and Southern California. Records reveal that the 56-year-old actor/comedian has now added to his collection once again by spending $4.1 million on a classic ranch-style home in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles.

The Adam Sandler house

adam sandler house


There are seven bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms in this 12,860-square-foot home. This enormous estate, which is situated in Pacific Palisades, California, is nicely concealed by a big fence and lots of trees. From the street, it is almost hard to notice because of this. Twelve rooms in his estate have various balconies that look out over a lovely pool. 

Previous history

Before selling it to Sandler and his family in 2004 for $12 million, actors Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell lived in this estate. Although Adam Sandler has other homes in cities like Malibu and Miami, he makes his permanent home at this Pacific Palisades property.


Bedrooms: seven

Bathrooms: fourteen

Square Feet: 12,860 sqft

Adam Sandler’s Address: 1422 Capri Dr, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Adam Sandler’s Net Worth: $600 million

The white wood-shingled building has a row of windows with blue shutters and is situated on a corner property that is somewhat less than a quarter of an acre in size. A walkway separates the front yard from the street, and tucked away to the side of the home is an attached two-car garage.

In the 1,840 square feet of living space that can be found inside the coordinating blue front door is a large living room with a white fireplace and a black brick surround, a formal dining room with a chandelier, an all-white kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and a door that opens to the outside laundry room.

In addition, the main bedroom is spacious and has a bathroom with double vanities, a tub, and a separate shower. Outside, the fenced-in garden has a covered patio with a fireplace made of brick.

Unique features

Their children love to play outside, so the Sandlers’ home is undoubtedly a wonderful pleasure for them. The lawn is the ideal location to host an outdoor party with friends and family when the weather is nice. The Sandlers didn’t miss having a swimming pool at home. With this, they may take a cool bath whenever they want. 

Adam Sandler didn’t take his fitness for granted, even though he’s not typically seen showing off his 6-packs. His wife, who is also an actress, agrees. The sports area is one of their home’s most used spaces as a result. Additionally, it is furnished with all the comforts and workout gear they require to maintain excellent health.


In this article, we covered all that is there to know about Adam Sandler’s house. This is enough proof that Adam Sandler likes to spend his money on real estate and a sweet home a bit too much. Finally, thanks for reading.

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