Not every backyard project needs to drain your bank account to be worthwhile. There are plenty of outdoor tasks that you can get started on right away that only cost a few bucks.

Here are some projects to help you get the most out of your backyard budget.

Build a Backyard Deck

Adding a backyard deck can have many benefits, adding to the financial value of your home and the functionality of your outdoor living spaces.

Modern decks are more than just a place to put an armchair or a barbecue grill. Properly designed and built can be a place for your whole family to enjoy. 

An excellent backyard deck is a place to entertain guests, and when it is built with that purpose in mind, entertaining is easy and more successful.

Deck builders in Avondale, PA, can help you plan your deck project to get the most out of it. When you use experienced professionals to help you solve your backyard deck challenges, every penny you spend is put to good use.

It’s easy to get started by asking for an estimate. Then, have professional deck builders look at your project to give you some ideas, and you’ll be on your way to improving your lifestyle and increasing your home’s value.

Outdoor Lighting

Your backyard becomes a more usable space when you light it up. Even if you already have a few lights, adding more lighting in strategic places adds value to your yard.

Many people add a few lights to their backyard so they can see to walk around at night. Adding outdoor lighting with a purpose creates a new look, and your yard will be more inviting.

The three main types of lighting are ambient, task, and accent. You probably used these lighting concepts in your home; you need every kind in your backyard to get the best look.

Create layers of light using ambient lighting for general illumination, task lighting on paths and decks, and accent lighting to create focal points.

Paint Your Concrete Patio

A lot of homes have a concrete patio directly out the back door. Concrete patios are lovely. They are relatively easy and inexpensive to install and can last up to 50 years.

However, patios start to show their age after a few years. If you have a concrete patio, you probably didn’t even notice how rough it looks. The areas near the door and the barbecue grill can get nasty.

A coat of concrete paint will make your patio look brand new again, and it’s easy to paint a concrete porch or patio.

Add a Water Feature

Any size water feature has benefits that make them a worthwhile investment in time and money. Even a little water feature can create a tranquil space.

When you add a water feature, you attract wildlife, birds, and reptiles to your yard. In addition, the gentle sound of flowing water can drown out noise pollution from busy roads and loud neighbors. 

Tiny water features likely don’t need a permit, but before starting, you should contact your local planning department to be sure. Then, before you start planning, find out if you have water and electricity in the area you want to build your water feature.

All water features work on the same principle. Water is pumped from a reservoir and then  gravity-fed back to the pool. Large or small, you can build a backyard water garden yourself

Make a Vertical Garden

Even if you have a lot of space in your backyard, a vertical garden can be an exciting feature that defines your backyard atmosphere.

Vertical gardens are even more helpful when you have a small backyard and need some privacy from your neighbors. They can be any size, and you can grow many different types of plants in a vertical garden.

There are many types of vertical gardens that you can make. If you’re creative, you can make them out of almost anything. 

Vertical gardens are also available as kits.

Backyard Grill Area

If you aren’t ready to build your outdoor dream kitchen quite yet, a small backyard grill area can be fun for entertaining and make it easier to use the barbecue.

You can build a small grill patio in the corner of your backyard close to the kitchen. The best spot will keep you away from hanging plants and other combustibles. If it needs to be close to the house, install a brick surround to keep it from damaging your home.

Add a beverage station to your grill area, and set up a lounge area nearby so that your guests can serve themselves a drink while you’re cooking.


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