Bill Cosby is a well-known name in the entertainment industry and due to the recent incidents, his name has been circulating the media and news a lot. This extra exposure has intrigued people and fans to dig for more details about the actor, which has led to popular searches on the internet like Bill Cosby home and Bill Cosby Elkins Park House.  If you are also willing to know more details about the Bill Cosby home, stay with us on the article and read the complete information. 

Who is Bill Cosby? 

William Henry Cosby Jr., commonly and famously known as Bill Cosby, is an American stand-up comedian, actor and a media personality. He was born on 12th July 1937 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. 

With his African roots he has been able to contribute a lot to the African-American culture throughout his career in the entertainment industry. He started his career as a stand-up comedian through a nightclub in San Francisco in the early 1960s.  

After years of regular hard work, he earned a lot of fame and finally his own TV show named as ‘The Cosby Show’. His active years in the industry are from 1961 – present. He is a huge name in the entertainment business, however, recently his name got mingled with some scandal that claimed that he has sexually assaulted someone (More info on this below). 

Bill Cosby Home 

With the recent scandal circulating over the media, people became very curious to know about Bill Cosby home and where does he live. It is evident that after getting released from the court, he has gone into hiding in a secluded place in Massachusetts. However, people are more interested in knowing about the Bill Cosby Elkins Park house. 

Bill Cosby has not one but multiple properties and throughout his life, he has moved from time to time to all of his properties including the Elkins Park house in Pennsylvania. Bill Cosby Elkins Park house has always been closer to the heart of the actor, as he was also born in the same state of Pennsylvania and he loved spending his time in this house with his wife and family. 

Bill Cosby Elkins Park House 

bill cosby home


Bill Cosby home is situated in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania (PA), United States. The stand-up comedian purchased this property in Elkins Park in1983 according to the county records. The house is spread across 8,940 square feet which was bought by the actor for a little less than a quarter of a million dollars. 

Bill Cosby lived in the Elkins Park house with his wife Camille and four children. Bill Cosby Elkins Park house is currently estimated to be worth over 775,000. The house has been a property of Bill Cosby since 1983 and is still used by his family and himself. 

Bill Cosby Home Specification 

There is not much specification of Bill Cosby home available on the internet. All we know is that the house is spread on 8,940 square feet of space and is specially maintained by the actor as it is very close to his heart. 

Bill Cosby Career and Net Worth 

Bill Cosby has a soaring career in the entertainment industry. He started off as a stand-up comedian in a nightclub in San Francisco which later became his career path. He is a famous comedian, actor and media personality. 

He has been running his own show on television for nearly two decades and has also worked in various other projects for small and big screens. His main source of income comes from his acting and hosting career in the television industry. His current net worth is estimated at an astounding $400 million. 

Incident Involving Bill Cosby  

There has been a recent scandal and a court case against Bill Cosby which stated that he has sexually assaulted a girl. After this case surfaced in the media, many other faces and victims also came forward to file a similar complaint against the comedian. 

After several years of trial and hearings, he was found guilty and served his sentence in the state prison. It was reported that he was actively assaulting women throughout his career and has only been recently addressed from his unjustified activities.  After being released from the court in the middle of last year, Bill Cosby went to his Elkins Park home directly from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. 

However, Bill Cosby home in Elkins Park is not currently used by him and his family and he is currently living in his other estate in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. This estate also holds the grave of Bill Cosby’s son, Ennis who was murdered 1997. 

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