American comedian and actor Bill Engvall is best known for being a part of the Blue Collar Comedy troupe. He appeared in 30 episodes of “The Bill Engvall Show” from 2007 to 2009, which aired on TBS. 

Comedian and actor Bill Engvall, a former resident of Manhattan Beach who recently relocated to Park City, Utah, has placed his Cape Cod-style home in Manhattan Beach for sale at $5.498 million. Let’s learn more about Bill Engvall House and know exactly where does Bill Engvall live

And while you are at it, you can also learn about and have a look at Jerry Hall House, which is also a sight to behold. Calling this beautiful palace just a house would be an understatement. 

Who is Bill Engvall?

where does Bill Engvall live

Bill Engvall came to this world on July 27, 1957, in Galveston, Texas. After completing his graduation from Richardson High School, he enrolled in Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. He was there obtaining a degree in teaching with the intention of becoming a teacher. At the same time, he started taking part in open mic events and practicing the comedic stuff he had been developing. 

Bill Engvall’s enthusiasm for stand-up comedy kept growing until he relocated to Southern California in 1990 to make comedy his full-time profession. He was hired shortly after to host the cable program “A Pair of Jokers” with Rosie O’Donnell. He additionally had an appearance on “The Golden Palace,” where he played Blanche’s son. 

Bill Engvall won the American Comedy Awards’ Best Male Standup award in 1992. His career was greatly boosted by this, and his fame shot up. Soon after, he was chosen to play a series regular in the ABC drama “Delta.” After the season-long run of the program, Engvall resumed his stand-up career.

Where does Bill Engvall live?

Bill Engvall was a lifelong resident of Manhattan Beach who recently relocated to Park City, Utah. He is soon to launch the 35th season of the Palos Verdes Performing Arts Center as well as its newest series, “South Bay Live.” 

The former member of the Blue Collar Comedy group paid $3,712,500 for the custom-built home in Manhattan Beach’s affluent white-collar neighborhood.

This year, Bill Engvall got in the highlights regarding the selling of his residence, as he has just put his Manhattan Bech home on the market for $5.498 million.

Architecture and Interior of Bill Engvall House

This 2005 custom-built Cape Cod-style Bill Engvall House has a blue facade and an open floor layout. The interior of the house is quite stunning as well. The house boasts an open layout that exudes sophistication and grandeur. Most of the decor inside the house are custom picked and reflects the taste of the owner.

The house brilliantly fuses elegance and comfort. With its stunning architecture and state-of-the-art amenities, the property in Manhattan Beach represents the life of a superstar

Bill Engvall House is a  blue two-story custom constructed house that includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a cinema room with a built-in bar, and 6,065 square feet of living area. The dining, family, and living rooms, as well as the master bedroom, all have fireplaces.

Amenities and Features of Bill Engvall House 

There are two floors of residential space available at Bill Engvall home. The dining room, family room, living room, and master bedroom all include fireplaces. Electric vehicles can be parked in the three-car garage.

The outside spaces have a fire pit, eating area, built-in bar BBQ, Jacuzzi, and waterfall and are intended for entertainment. A waterfall, a fire pit, a dining area, a built-in bar and BBQ, and a spa are all part of the outdoor gathering space that is accessible from the family room. There is an electric vehicle charger in the three-car garage as well.

Bill Engvall House Specifications

  • Number of Bedrooms: 6
  • Number of Bathrooms: 7
  • Area of the House:  6,065 square feet
  • Price of the house: $ 5.498 million
  • House Location: White-collar Beach Community, Manhattan Beach


So, the answer to the question where does Bill Engvall live is Utah. The former Manhattan Beach resident, Bill Engvall, recently relocated to Park City, Utah.

However, Bill Engvall house in Manhattan Beach is a fantasy home that perfectly embodies the essence of this talented artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does actor Bill Engvall live in manhattan?

In 2006, the former member of the Blue Collar Comedy group paid $3,712,500 for the custom-built home in the affluent Manhattan Beach neighborhood of white-collar residents.

Q: Where does actor Bill Engvall live now?

Bill Engvall, a lifelong resident of Manhattan Beach, has recently relocated to Park City, Utah. He listed his former house on the market for $ 5.498 million.


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