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Billie Eilish House: The Los Angeles Mansion

Billie Eilish House: The Los Angeles Mansion

When people get success through their work & career, they tend to move on in their lives. Leaving their parents & families behind them. This is the reality of life, the parents who took care of us in our childhood & are the sole reason of us being what we are today.

While most people follow the usual path, some are who still care about their parents & stay with them despite being star figures.

Similar is the story of Billie Eilish, a 20-year-old American Singer & YouTuber. Billie having a net worth of around $6 Million stays with her parents in a normal-looking house in Los Angeles. Read more about Billie Eilish house below & comment down your views about it.

Early Life & Family

Early Life & Family

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Billie Eilish was born on December 18, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Over time she became a successful singer & made her music career on YouTube with her channel having over 44 Million subscribers & over 10.7 Billion lifetime views. Billie’s parents are Patrick O’Connell & Maggie Baird who are famous personalities themselves.

Patrick is a successful actor who has worked in many television films, & serials such as the FX series Baskets (2016), & the marvel masterclass Iron Man (2008). On the other hand, Maggie is also an actress & singer famous in her time.

She acted in Life Inside Out (2013), & was part of the science fiction video game Mass Effect 2. Billie’s brother Finneas is also a famous songwriter & composer who has composed most of Billie’s songs. In short, the whole family has their interests in the film & song industry.

Career & Achievements

Career & Achievements

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Billie & her brother never attended public school & were home-schooled as this resulted in them focusing more on their music careers. Eilish joined a children’s chorus at the age of 8 & by the time she turned 11 she was already writing & performing her songs. Billie was very dedicated to her singing career.

Billie’s song “Ocean Eyes”, which was released in 2016 was the turnaround for her as that song was the start of her real fame. This song was written by her brother Finneas & it was recorded in their small bedroom in their house in Los Angeles.

The song went viral after they uploaded it on SoundCloud. Billie was getting crazy famous because of her catchy songs & her voice which her die-hard fans truly loved.

Billie managed to buy the first car that she always adorned, she bought a matte-black Dodge Challenger which a girl of her age could merely dream of. Billie’s “Bad Guy” song blew the internet & people were going nuts which increased her YouTube subscribers a great deal in a very short period.

Billie Eilish House

Highland Park California, Los Angeles, is Billie Eilish house address. She has lived here since forever with her parents & brother. The house expands over 1,200 square feet consists of 2 average bedrooms & 1 bathroom.

There are not many extravagancies in this old house but is a place full of memories for Billie as this is where she started her music career. The house was originally built in 1912.

The family got this house for $240,000 back in 2001, & currently, it’s valued at more than $800,000 due to the prestige of Billie living here. Her brother Finneas lived with the family until he moved out in 2019 buying a $2.7 Million mansion from his great fortune.

Billie is very attached to the old place & it is really difficult for herself to leave this place. She used to record her songs in the bedroom where their recording studio existed. 

Billie Eilish house only had two bedrooms as mentioned earlier, hence, both Billie & Finneas were given those rooms to allow their children to work adequately on their music. The parents decided to sleep in the living room which shows their love & sacrifice for their children.

The house had 3 piano sets which were considered normal for a musically inclined family, Finneas had an entire recording setup in his room where he & Billie used to record their famous songs.

Some Final Words

Despite getting the money & fame which makes a person worthy, Billie still lives with her parents in LA. Billie Eilish house does lack the security which the superstar requires which should be addressed. Overall, Billie is considered a very humble person who hasn’t forgotten her roots.



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