Every season calls for a different type of vibe! Whether it’s a snowy December afternoon or a sizzling hot July – transforming your living space with the right occasional chair will surely get fired up for each season.

Investing in a comfy living space will always be priceless. And that includes finding a unique occasional chair that will accentuate your humble abode and make it less plain.

Occasional Chairs – What Are Those?

A dining chair, a living room sofa, an ergonomic chair for your workstation – those are the familiar types of chairs that you see in a home. 

An occasional chair is simply a type of chair that isn’t meant for regular use. It plays a vital role in interior design and enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of a given space. Here are several key reasons why you should have it:

  • Style and Visual Appeal: It adds a touch of style and personality to a room. A wide selection of designs, colors, and materials allows you to mix and match based on your current setup.
  • Versatility and Flexibility: This type of chair can be flexible in terms of usage and placement. It doesn’t have to be stuck in just a single area like a dining room or kitchen.
  • Balance and Proportion: To create a visually pleasing place, occasional chairs can help by adding variation to a space. They can be a counterpoint to large furniture or serve as a break from monotonous styles. 
  • Functional: Options are provided which are beyond the normal seating arrangement in a room. It can be a comfortable spot for a sip of coffee or a nook for reading. These chairs can be placed near windows or settled in corners.

Different Chairs for Different Seasons


A warm and vibrant season ambiance calls for an occasional chair that will elevate your living space. Here are a couple of recommendations that will suit the summer vibe:

  • Outdoor Lounge Chairs: The season is a time for outdoor enjoyment. You cannot go wrong with an occasional lounge chair that is weather-resistant. Look for a style that has built-in reclining features to have a cozy spot for sunbathing or just pure relaxation.
  • Hammock Chairs: A cocoon-like seating option in your backyard can create the whole vacation vibe. It can be a breezy spot while sipping your afternoon iced coffee. 
  • Bright-colored Accent Chairs: If you don’t have a spot in your backyard or patio, or you live in a high-rise condo with no balcony – you can still achieve the summer living space look by adding an accent chair. A cute, single chair in the corner of the room can do wonders!


Imagine yourself sipping your morning coffee while watching the leaves fall – in a cozy chair! Here’s what you should look for to achieve a cozy nook for the autumn season:

  • Wingback Chairs: A classic and elegant timepiece that has a high backrest and winged sides. Look for styles in rich fabrics such as velvet or wool. Look for colors like royal red or earthy browns – whichever will suit your living space color scheme.
  • Leather Chairs: There’s always a luxurious feel with leather. During fall, you don’t have to worry about the humidity and getting sticky. Having a leather occasional chair gives a rustic elegant and vintage vibe to the room.
  • Occasional armchair: A perfect seating option especially if you have guests over for the Thanksgiving dinner. It can be multi-purpose as a spot for chilling or eating some delicious turkey.
  • Autumn Color Scheme Chairs: Incorporating a chair with warm color palettes can add a touch of seasonal charm to your interior. Colors such as mustard yellow and pumpkin orange, or even nude tones can be a good start! 


Sipping eggnogs in a fancy chair next to your Christmas decor sounds like a perfect way to spend a Friday night in December. Keep an eye out for a cozy chair with the following features:

  • Oversized Comfy Chairs: Creating a nook for relaxation is a must during this season. Opt for plush cushions and generous padding. 
  • Wooden Frames: A light-colored wood frame and white cushy padding can never be wrong during the winter season. It creates a minimalist and inviting atmosphere that’s also simple yet elegant.
  • Fireplace Chairs: Consider placing a pair of chairs near your fireplace. Look for designs with thick padding, supportive armrests, and materials that can withstand the heat from the fireplace. 
  • Occasional Bedroom Chairs: Who says chairs are only for the living room? You can accentuate your bedroom as well! Look for a chair that can be placed in the corner of your room. Look for a high backrest or a swivel chair where you can sit and do your thing before heading off to bed. 


A season of freshness and a vibe of bliss calls for a vibrant-looking home! Add a touch of color to your home by adding an accent chair.

  • Floral Accent Chairs: Nothing screams Spring more than flowers. Floral or botanical prints capture the cheerful atmosphere. 
  • Pastel-Colored Chairs: Opt for colors like pale pink, mint green, or anything light on the eyes. This can be an additional highchair to your counter or a cute armchair next to your coffee table. 
  • Outdoor Chairs: Time to bring out the rattan, bamboo, or woven chairs for your patio! Their light and open designs allow good airflow. It adds a natural charm and you can throw in a couple of throw pillows for some cushion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Occasional Chair Should I Buy?

You can buy an occasional chair based on what type of usage you want it for. Is it a cushy armchair you’ll use every day? Or maybe an accent chair that will only be used if you have guests in the foyer. Totally up to you! You can never go wrong with adding an extra seating option in your living space. 

What Size Should an Occasional Chair Be?

This goes hand in hand with how you’ll be using the chair. It should be relative to your existing space. Make sure that it doesn’t cramp up the space you have. Most of the time, it’s a single chair – which won’t take up much space like a giant sofa or a big cabinet. 

  1. What are the Usages of an Occasional Chair?

There are tons of advantages to having an occasional chair. Once you buy this type of chair, you can use it as:

  • Additional accent seating
  • Conversation Area
  • Reading Nooks
  • Foyer Waiting Area
  • Outdoor Spaces


An occasional chair brings an additional personal touch of thought to a home. Having a chair for every season isn’t required – but it sure does elevate the interior and vibe of a space. Invest in making your house a home by adding timeless pieces like an occasional chair. 


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