David Lynch is known for owning a unique and intriguing house in Los Angeles. Let’s take a closer look at the David Lynch house and know about its fascinating architecture and modern amenities.

Who is David Lynch?

David Lynch is a famous name in the entertainment industry. He is an iconic filmmaker and artist who has made his mark on the entertainment industry with his surreal and enigmatic works. 

Who is David Lynch
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Where Does David Lynch Live?

David Lynch lives in Los Angeles, CA. He owns a beautiful house in the pristine location of the largest city in California. With its beautiful landscape and world-class entertainment, the house is one of the most expensive places to live in the state. His house address is Senalda Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90068.

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Architecture and Interior of David Lynch House 

David Lynch home stands as a masterpiece of architecture, reflecting the style of its owner. Designed by David Lynch himself, the house showcases his keen eye for detail and unconventional aesthetics.

The house seamlessly blends modern design elements with a touch of retro charm. David Lynch house features clean lines, minimalistic interiors and abundant natural light, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Artistic Design and Interior of David Lynch Home

True to his artistic sensibilities, David Lynch home doubles as a creative sanctuary. Every corner of the residence is adorned with captivating artwork, sculptures, and unique installations, showcasing Lynch’s passion for creativity.

The house has three artistically designed bedrooms and two bathrooms. The property covers an area of 2,055 square feet, which was initially built in 1967.

Amenities and Modern Features

House of David Lynch boasts a state-of-the-art home theater. Equipped with the latest audiovisual technology, this private cinema allows Lynch and his guests to enjoy an immersive movie-watching experience.

Adjacent to the residence, the property also features a dedicated studio space where the artist brings his visions to life. The studio is equipped with tools, materials and equipment.

David Lynch has transformed a section of the house into a serene meditation space. Decorated with calming colors and natural elements, this tranquil area of the house is specially designed to offer a place for reflection and inner peace.

As the property is spread on a vast land, there are plenty of space in the house to welcome guest, entertainment and luxurious living. Apart from having a fireplace, the house also boasts a pool for relaxing and enjoying summers. 

Art Collection In David Lynch House

David Lynch house has become a hub for artistic collaboration and inspiration. David Lynch often hosts gatherings, inviting fellow artists, musicians and filmmakers to exchange ideas and spark creative conversations.

The house of David Lynch is not merely a place to reside but also a living work of art that reflects the owner’s unique imagination and distinctive style. Each detail within the house has been thoughtfully designed to create an immersive experience.

David Lynch House Specification

  • Number of Bedrooms: 3
  • Number of Bathrooms: 2
  • Area of House in Square Feet: 2,055 square feet
  • Price of David Lynch Home: $2.21 Million
  • David Lynch Home Address: Senalda Road, LA, California 90068

David Lynch House Photos

Here are some photos of David Lynch house in Los Angeles.

David Lynch Home Photos

David Lynch House Photos


David Lynch house in Los Angeles shows the artistic genius and visionary spirit of its owner. The house brings together architecture, art and creativity, showcasing the charm that has made David Lynch highly respected in the film industry and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is David Lynch’s wife?

David Lynch has married 4 times and is currently living with his fourth wife. The name of his wives are:

  • Emily Stofle married 2009
  • Mary Sweeney married 2006–2007
  • Mary Fisk married 1977–1987
  • Peggy Lynch married 1967–1974

Q: Where did David Lynch live in Philly?

Lynch lived in Philadelphia for some time. His house was situated at 13th and Wood streets behind what is now the Convention Center.


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