When you invite your friends and family over for lunch, you cook together, right? You see, everyone ends up staying in the kitchen area, even if they are not the ones cooking or helping. People like food, they like eating food, and they like watching it being prepared.

That is why we watch cooking shows online and on TV. Now, when you plan on remodeling your kitchen space, you must opt for an open layout that will help you have more people in the kitchen area.

While preparing dinner, you will not feel isolated and away from the rest of the gang. Continue reading to learn more about the kitchen layout.

Ample Walking Space:

The first thing you will do is have a talk with the contractor. They will tell you where the pipeline goes and where the counter will be. But in the end, it is a collaborative effort. It’s your house, so you get to decide what goes where.

Make sure you have enough space to walk around the kitchen island. You don’t want a tiny island that is too small to work on. Instead of having a tiny island, you might as well have a table instead.

  • Having more walking space will help you move around in the kitchen faster. It will make your life so much easier, trust me.
  • You can easily have two or three people in the kitchen, prepping dishes together.
  • This will also eliminate wasted space in the kitchen as you can navigate the space fully without feeling backed up by a wall.


Countertops serve as a vital component in kitchen design, contributing significantly to a kitchen’s functionality; there’s no denying that!

Your approach to countertop planning should be tailored to the specific layout of your kitchen. So, communicate your wants and needs in clear terms to the contractor you hire for kitchen remodeling services.

  • Counters play a crucial role in meal preparation, baking, and plating, making it essential to have ample space. It is particularly important in smaller kitchens where every inch counts; therefore, remember that efficient utilization is the key.
  • There exists a wide variety of countertop materials and designs to choose from, catering to diverse tastes and needs. Among the popular options are quartz, laminate, stainless steel, wood, and marble. You will get plenty of color choices as well suited to your design aesthetics. However, the foremost consideration should be the ease of cleaning and maintenance when selecting a material.

Storage Solutions:

A poor kitchen design has a storage problem. Therefore, your dishes end up in a box somewhere in the drawing room. You don’t want that for your kitchen, especially when you are designing it from scratch. Having ample storage is always a plus. You can contact the best General Contractors Richmond VA and get a kitchen makeover that suits your liking.

  • Consider adding pull-out drawers and shelves inside your cabinets, organizers within your drawers, and extra racks in your cupboards to utilize every nook and cranny fully.
  • Exploring additional storage solutions like Lazy Susans. It can simplify storing items in those tricky, hard-to-reach spaces. Meanwhile, tray dividers come in handy for keeping things like pot and pan covers, pizza trays, or cookie sheets neatly organized.
  • For a more tailored approach, you can even explore custom storage solutions to ensure your kitchen remains organized and efficient.


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