The famous American Comedian and actor Drew Carey house is an eye-catchy beauty from both inside and out. He also has a home in Las Vegas and LA but our today’s focus is his Cleveland pad which is as luxurious as his other houses. So, if you wish to know where does drew carey live nowadays and all the specifications of his house, then stay with us!

Who is Drew Carey?

where does drew carey live


Drew Allison Carey was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 23, 1958, and rose to fame for being a comedian, actor, and game show host. People loved his sitcom that aired from 1995-2004 and his fan base suddenly increased. He is also the host of “The Price is Right” but only a few people know that he started his journey with stand-up comedy. 

The show ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ was also hosted by him. In 1997, he published ‘Dirty Jokes and Beer: Stories of the Unrefined’, an autobiography that received numerous positive reviews and attention. He is now doing great in his career and has an estimated net worth of $165 Million, the Drew Carey house is also something that is loved by his fans. 

However, his personal life is not as successful as his career. He was recently in the news for getting engaged to Amie Harwick but he got unlucky and called it off. Now, he is focusing on himself to maintain his health by trying to lose weight. Competing on Star Search ’88 is considered one of the biggest breaks of Drew Carey.

At the time of the 10th anniversary of the Montreal Comedy Festival recording, Drew Carey also took part and did well. Since 1986, Drew is spreading joy among the people of America and now he is appreciated by his fans from all around the world. He started his career at Cleveland Comedy Club, let’s have a look at the details of Drew Carey house situated there!

Where does drew carey live?

According to reports, Drew Carey currently resides in Los Angeles. While it is true that his LA villa is pretty lovely, our focus will be on his $3 million home. Along with performing at comedy performances, he makes money by renting out his homes. This home was built in a traditional way and the area is quite lovely and peaceful to live.

Drew carey house in Cleveland covers 3,000 square feet of area and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The brick roads and nearby residences are quite antique, however, the pool was added for relaxation in the backyard. He takes excellent care of his home and continues to make additions in line with his tastes.

When we talk about the interior of his home, it is quite modern and well taken care of as the climate of this area is tricky. The hot and humid summers and cold and snowy summers of Cleveland force citizens to maintain their houses with respect to it. 

The pool that comedian Drew Carey added does not appear to be very impressive in the photos of his home. Apart from that, the exterior has a very contemporary appearance and the garage has enough space for parking two cars at the same time. This is the home in which he grew up and he loves it but now as he moved to his new home, he does not come and live here.

In an interview about the Drew Carey house, he revealed that he still loves this house as he was raised here and he doen’t plan of getting rid of it. As we have mentioned, he rents his other houses to generate income so this is what this house is for now. Keep reading to know its specifications!

Specifications of Drew Carey house:

  • Number of Bedrooms: 3.
  • Number of Bathrooms: 2.
  • Area Covered: 3,000+ sqft
  • Price of Drew Carey house: $300,000.
  • Drew Carey Address: Flowerdale Ave, Cleveland, OH 44144.

Wrapping Up:

Since you now know the details of Drew Carey house in Cleveland, we hope you found the information about his home to be fascinating. Drew Carey, a prominent actor and comedian, has several homes across the United States; the specifics of one, which is situated in Cleveland, Ohio, are provided above. However, he is currently residing in his LA home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Drew Carey live in Los Angeles?

Yes, it is true that he owns houses in Las Vegas and Ohio as well, but he’s been living in his LA home for so long.

Does Drew Carey have a wife?

He got engaged twice, but both engagements didn’t work out, and he never married. However, he has a son named Connor with his first fiance Nicole Jaracz.

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