It’s such a great experience when we go on an island & stay in a resort. What we love there is not the island, but the peace that comes from it. Being close to nature feels ecstatic & amazing as there is no worldly chaos involved.

To enjoy the height of pleasure & cut connections from the noisy downtown & suburbs, people move to a quieter place. Emma Chamberlain, the famous YouTuber also thinks likewise.

Emma Chamberlain, a successful American YouTuber with over 11 Million subscribers moved to her extravagant mansion in Beverly Hills away from all the noise & busy life. Read more about Emma’s life & the magnificent Emma Chamberlain house.

Life & Career

Life & Career


Emma Frances Chamberlain was born on 22 May 2001, in San Bruno, California, United States. She started her YouTube career on 14 June 2016 & currently has over 11.2 Million subscribers & 1.5 Billion lifetime views.

She posts vlogs, taste tests, & other random stuff on her channel. Emma has also won the 2018 Streamy Award for Breakout Creator.

Reasons for Leaving Old House of West Hollywood

Reasons for Leaving Old House of West Hollywood


In Emma’s latest YouTube video titled, “I moved…” she gave her reasons for leaving her old house of West Hollywood & shifting to Beverly Hills.

She said, “This house that I’m moving from is in the thick of L.A. I’m prepared to move into a more relaxed area of L.A., a little more uninvolved from the hustle and bustle.”

Emma had just lived for one year in her old house when she declared she is going to move to a new place. Emma personally fancied the colors & amazing architecture which the old house had, despite it, she felt the need for something more which was not offered there.

The new Emma Chamberlain house was originally built in 1955 & was based on a complete wooden architecture that some color.

Emma pointed out the fact that the old is pretty old fashioned & needs some modern improvements which will be done before her moving.  In the interim, she will live in a rented mansion in the hills above L.A.’s Sunset Strip.

Inside Emma Chamberlain New House

Inside Emma Chamberlain New House


The new Emma Chamberlain house is situated in the mountains above Beverly Hills, minutes away from the main city. This ‘private oasis’ is spread over approximately 4,500 square feet & was bought for approximately over $4.4 Million.

The enormous house consists of 5 royal bedrooms & 7 luxurious baths. The vast acreage also features a gym, 2 walk-in closets, a huge solar-heated pool, & a sports court.

The outside of the main mansion houses an ecstatic surrounding from the tranquil gardens & fixated benches. There is a half-court sports court below the hillside adjacent to a fresh green grass patch.

A perfect evening spot is located which has a stone deck overshadowed by fresh eucalyptus trees. The bottom level has a dark-bottomed swimming pool that is surrounded by a tiled patio.

Emma Chamberlain house has a theme of shallow colored hardwood floors brightened from the beams of massive skylights.

The living room has a cozy feel houses a stone-designed modern fireplace & hardwood flooring. The room is adequately sized & the main source of light is the large slits of skylights which give an artistic view to the whole place.

The dining room is situated beside the living room & it connects the wooden stairway & the various rooms of the facility.

The kitchen mostly provides a traditional look although it has been modernized with top-notch stainless steel appliances & a big skylight acting as a primary source of light.

The master bedroom has an escalated fireplace at the far end of the room while the overall room is fairly simple having hardwood flooring & vaulted ceilings. The master bathroom comes with a Japanese-styled soak tub & the double walk-in closets we talked about earlier.

Overall the place is great & just needs some colors to bring life to it. Also, the area where Emma Chamberlain house is located in a very secluded area connected with nature.

Safety measures are also up to the mark as most of the areas are gated & supervised by privately hired security & even local police department coverage. It is not very cheap to live in Beverly Hills but is a magnificent place for those who can afford it.

Final Words

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