Investing in real estate isn’t quite as simple as TV Shows typically depict. Buying the first gorgeous property you come across without doing proper research doesn’t technically make you an investor and may even prove costly in the long run.

From minimal insurance costs to accommodating property laws, the best states to invest in real estate tend to be the ones to give you some degree of leeway on your expenses. 

That said, we’ve covered the more important considerations you ought to make before embarking on real estate investments in the remainder of this blog post. Read to the end!

The House’s Condition

In the course of deciding on the best state to buy a rental property and trying to buy one that needs renovation, chances are you could receive a terrific discount. However, before eventually purchasing the property, take into account the sum of money and effort required to make the property appealing to prospective tenants.

It’d be in your best interests to hire a specialist to check the property thoroughly. After that, decide which fixes you can accomplish yourself and which require the services of a pro. Then, for any large projects that you might have to subcontract to specialists, consider obtaining quotes from different contractors.

This way, you’d be able to effectively decide on how much capital you need to set aside to get your property in shape.

Property Location

The best states to buy a rental property tend to host several ‘good locations’.  A ‘good location’ is subjective, and certainly differs from tenant to tenant. However, prospective tenants generally tend to prefer houses situated in quiet areas with easy access to recreation centers, kid schools, and transportation. 

In that vein, houses located in rowdy, heavily trafficked areas wouldn’t qualify and could yield negative ROIs due to probable low patronage.  

Nonetheless, your personal preferences supersede this particular consideration especially if you only plan on renting out for just a while.

Applicable Real Estate Taxes

The tax ramifications of investing in real estate must hold a prime spot in your considerations as an intending landlord. Taxes reduce your net earnings, especially if you’re additionally fined for late payments. 

On the flip side, you get to keep much more of your revenue if you purchased a property in any location with minimal taxation rates. That said, in trying to decide on the best states to invest in real estate, be on the lookout for locations with low taxation rates. Generally, the best states for rental property investment tend to have manageably low rates.

More often than not, landlords are typically charged higher rates in urban areas in contrast to rural regions. However, even the said established urban areas have varying taxation brackets from suburb to suburb.

It’s not unusual to stumble upon other municipalities with different tax rates for both investors who purchased for the sole intention of leasing out and buyers who are more interested in occupying the home. Investors are usually slammed with higher rates in these cases.


Your prospective home’s physical attributes are quite significant but location, at times, is much more critical. Would tenants be prepared to rent your home where it is located? Such is a typical question to consider.

Renters, constantly, are on the lookout for a secure environment. Ensure safety is at the top of the list of requirements a suitable neighborhood should have by taking into account the crime rate in the locality in question. An aesthetically well-laid-out locality is also a nice factor to keep in mind. 

If your target demographic is college students, take care to purchase your property in a neighborhood with great schools all around. Doing so improves the appeal factor your house holds. The best states for rental properties typically incorporate all of these considerations.


Maintenance and Management

Managing a property isn’t without its set of crises. It’s not unheard of to be roused by an indignant tenant at 3 am because of a leaking roof.  Simply put, a lot could go wrong when you least expect it.

Most non-occupant landlords tend to hire specialist management companies to avoid difficulties like these. For a pre-agreed fee, usually, some percentage of the rent, all structural and maintenance concerns will be handled by the outsourced specialists. 

An upside to this arrangement, besides relieving the investor of maintenance stress, is that the management company typically looks for tenants for the home, basically ensuring a steady stream of revenue for the investor.

Some folks feel that the additional expense of hiring a management company is justified. Other landlords believe that dealing with these issues on their own will save them money. Ultimately, everything comes down to individual preference, so think about it.

Property’s Age

How long a house has been around matters when it comes to purchasing it. Purchasing an older home isn’t always a terrible idea. Both old and modern residences have their particular set of benefits and drawbacks.

For one, older homes tend to require more upkeep and management compared with newer ones. If you like ancient structures and you think living in a house with a hidden staircase is nothing but grand, old houses may be your sort of thing.

However, if you instead prefer hot bathtubs or constantly fantasize about lighting setups that respond to your voice, then, needless to say, contemporary residences are the way to go. A good hack to take would be to purchase the home while being built to ensure you have all the amenities you prefer installed.

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap! No doubt you now know what factors you ought to keep in mind upon setting out to purchase your next piece of real estate investment. The best states to invest in real estate tend to have some sort of edge in most – possibly even all – of the previously explained factors.

Be wary of residences that are being sold at very low rates. They may be in a high-crime neighborhood. Verify the crime levels for every neighborhood you’re considering purchasing a piece of investment in. Check best states to invest in real estate before you make any binding decisions.

The great news is that much of the information is easily accessible via the web, take advantage of it.


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