A wedding is a major event in everyone’s life. Some people opt for making their wedding simple with only close relatives attending the event. But some people try to put all their efforts to make this day memorable and eventful for bride and groom.

Many traditions go along when we talk about marriages and wedding nights, but the most important thing for the newlywed couple about wedding nights are the Honeymoon Suite or room they will be spending their night in. The romantic atmosphere and flowers on the bed are enough to make long-lasting memories, although there are those who would go even further and add some True Pheromones into the mix in order to make themselves even more irresistible to ensure that the night goes exactly as they intend it to.

Flower Bed decoration for the wedding night is a tradition that has been around for many generations now. Bed decoration for the wedding night is totally customizable and done according to the preference of the bride and groom.

There are many styles and ways to decorate the bed, some people like it simple, while others like flower bed decoration for wedding night.

Let us share with you 5 romantic styles and ideas for bed decoration for wedding night.

1. Canopy of Flowers on Bed 

flower bed decoration for wedding night

A canopy of flowers on the bed is an old traditional way of decorating the bed on wedding night. Although this method is very old and has been around for centuries, but new variations and styles are regularly added to this design which gives it a modern touch.

A canopy of white satin on the bed with purple and pink flowers is all you need to style this design to create a romantic feel. Don’t forget to add some rose petals on the mattress of the bed to complete the look.

2. Candle Decoration 

Scented Candles

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Decoration using candles for wedding night creates a sultry look. Candles are often used as a symbol of romanticism. The use of scented candles for bed decoration for weddings is very common and is mostly loved by both bride and groom.

Placing the candles are very important as burning candles also pose a fire hazard. Try to decorate the room by placing some candles at the side tables by the bed and near the rear end of the bed on the floor. This will help create the desired atmosphere without the fear of fire hazards.

3. Balloon Decoration 

Balloon Decoration 

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Whenever we hear about balloon decoration, we think of birthdays. But balloons are not only strictly for birthday decorations. Balloons can also be used for bed decoration for wedding night. Using the right colour of balloons is the key to making this style failproof.

Using helium balloons to fill the ceiling of the room is a great idea, to begin with. Floating balloons on the ceiling with some gold and silver ribbons can complete the look of the room for wedding night.

4. Flower Bouquets

Flower Bouquets

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Thinking of wedding night decorations, we are bound to think of flowers. Flowers seems like a compulsory item to add to the bed decoration for wedding night. Making flower bouquets and placing them on the nightstand or side tables is another option to consider.

This design can also be styled to match the bride’s bouquets. Try placing flower bouquets at every possible space to fill the room with bouquets and the scent of fresh flowers.

If for any reason you are not willing to use real, fresh flowers, then you can also use artificial flowers. Artificial flowers decoration will last longer if you like to retain the decoration for days, it won’t be a problem when using artificial flowers.

You can use any type of flowers you want when using artificial flowers and even make your bouquets and decoration with varying sizes of flowers.

5. Flower Chandelier

Decorating a bed with a flower chandelier is also a traditional way of decorating bed for the wedding night. A flower chandelier fixated at the ceiling at the top of the bed with a string of white jasmines flowing by the sides of the bed is a decent look you should opt for.

This design is very commonly used and has many variations in using the type of flowers and the use of satin or net instead of strings of jasmine. You can style every design in any way you like according to your preference.

Selecting the flower for your decoration is the hardest part you have to face when planning for bed decoration for wedding. There is a vast range of flowers to choose from and even more variety in colours.

It is best to decide which style to choose and which flowers to use with mutual understanding between the groom and the bride. As the decoration of the bed on wedding night must be loved by both groom and bride and let them make ever-lasting memories of their wedding night.


Wedding decoration is an important part of every wedding and the most important decoration is of the bride and groom’s room. Many of the ideas that are shared here are basic and most common ideas that are used in most weddings.

The most common item used for wedding decoration is flowers, so we have tried to give you some ideas to decorate using flowers.

We hope you liked this article about the bed decoration for wedding night. If you are willing to try something new for decorating your bed for wedding night and have some unique and romantic ideas, do share with us so other readers can also benefit from using your ideas.


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