With the rise of technology, many office workers worldwide no longer make the daily trek to the office. The desk jobs held by so many still exist, but now are often worked from home.

Call centers, once popular with companies that sell or make reservations, can also be supported by workers in a home office. 

Having the correct setup for your home office is crucial for convenience and also for productivity on the job. There are a few pieces of office furniture that will make your work life and home life balance easier, with one of them being an L shaped desk with storage.

For more information on setting up the perfect home office, see some of the handy tips below. 

Dedicated Office 

If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated space for a home office, it is fairly easy to set up your area to accommodate your desk, along with all of the storage and peripherals, while still being able to move around.

Picking out a desk that is a comfortable size and height, along with an adjustable chair, fits the bill. When choosing a desk, be sure that it is suitable for your needs. 

If you are regularly physically writing and signing documents, a large executive desk may be the answer for your office.

If you are more likely to use a computer for your communications, an average computer desk could suffice, or an L shaped desk with storage. Either way, pick out an appropriate chair with adjustable height and positional armrests for added comfort. 

Multi Use Office 

Not everyone has the space devoted to an office built into their existing home or apartment.

Often, space must be found where you can, and hopefully, it will blend in your home furnishings with your office equipment so that you don’t feel like you are having dinner at work. 

When creating an office in your home, consider using space that can do “double duty” in an area big enough to work without taking over your living space entirely.

It may be possible to blend in a desk in a similar style or color to furniture you already own and create a symbiotic feel to the room. Corners, often overlooked, are areas that can be used to tuck in an L shaped desk with storage that would be ideal for work space while taking up little room. 

Basic Equipment

For basic equipment, a desk is one of the biggest factors in furnishing your home office. After picking out the appropriate desk for the job you do from home and the space allowed, choose your chair to accompany your station.

You will likely need equipment such as a computer or laptop, with other peripheral equipment such as monitors and a printer.

Small office supplies such as pens and other necessities, can be stored in the drawers of an L shaped desk with storage to save space and keep items together. A desk lamp is often handy for dark corners or rooms with a limited light source. 

Secure Storage

Office jobs often come with materials that need to be securely stored away for safety and privacy. Personal forms such as tax information, company passwords, and client files should be maintained in storage that is not accessible to unauthorized individuals.

Cabinets are available in lockable models using a key entry or biometric entry system for security. 

For not-so-sensitive reminders and miscellaneous cards, a bulletin board or cork board is handy for keeping things neat on your desk and not losing small pieces of paper or pictures. 

A few sorting trays and a pencil cup to hold often-used items securely out of your way will help to control clutter effectively. Consider an L shaped desk with storage to keep things tidy when not in use.  

Your Home Office

Whether you are working with a dedicated space or in the corner of your living room, making the space workable and comfortable for you is the key to a successful home office.

Consider where you will plug in your computer and peripherals to determine cord storage and eliminate tripping hazards. Even when you work from home, practical, comfortable furniture and equipment are necessary to keep you productive in your chosen profession. 

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