Moving is a part of being an adult.

Not many people enjoy this process, in fact – only sociopaths likely derive any pleasure from moving and unboxing their lives. It is a notoriously stressful time, and it can take a large toll on its victims.

Fortunately for all of us, there are ways to make the process of moving simpler and less tedious. Below are the top five hacks to help make moving a piece of cake:

Trust this tip!

You will almost always have more stuff than you can even imagine. Even if you’ve been living alone and eating cereal with your cat every night, you need to start the packing process early.

Adopt a systematic approach – start by going from room to room and removing the items you want to keep. Once that gets done, you can narrow down the options into the things you really do want to keep and pack those safely away in boxes.

That way, what gets left in each room can be donated to Goodwill or sent to the dumpster.

  • Use Both Boxes and Plastic Totes

Both are incredibly useful when it comes to moving house.

If you need to keep some things in storage for a while, plastic totes are best. They are more durable than cardboard boxes, and they are resistant to crawling critters such as mice and termites.

Boxes are cheaper than totes and available in more sizes, but totes won’t fall apart when they get wet or get crushed like boxes do. 

  • Purge Hard

All hoarders, look away for this next part!

One of the best moving tips you will ever hear is this – purge. Streamline your packing requirements by getting rid of the things that no longer serve you. That doesn’t mean you get to keep an old vegetable peeler simply because it still works! If you haven’t used or looked for an item in over a year, get rid of it!

Purging is cathartic for everyone who doesn’t have a hoarding problem.

Any reliable moving company like Artisan Movers will tell you the same thing. If you don’t need it, don’t keep it.

  • Color-Coded System

Assigning each room a different color is a genius idea when it comes to moving!

Save time and effort by buying sheets of different colored stickers and using a new color for each room. That way, when packing or unpacking boxes on your moving day, it’ll be easier to know where everything goes.

Stick to bold colors and add a sticker to each side of every box, that will stop things getting lost or dumped in the wrong room.

  • Take Pictures

If you prefer going old school, then make a list of what each box contains.

If you’ve embraced modern life, take a quick photo of the contents of each box before you close it up and label it. Put the name of the room the box needs to go to on each one, assign it a color and a number, and then label each photo as you take it.

To End

By following the above tips, your moving journey can be made faster and simpler – who doesn’t love the sound of that?


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