Like most things, your house may also need some repair work after some time. Everything has a lifespan, and things start to fade or malfunction once that period has passed. The same applies to your house. You may notice that the paint may be chipping or the counter may have cracked; no matter what flaws you can see around your home, perhaps it’s time you invest in renovating your space. 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, following the pandemic, many homeowners have started paying more attention to their houses. The data indicates that Australians spent $12.3 billion on renovating their homes back in 2021, which is a 33% increase from 2020. 

Renovating your house does more than make your space look pleasant; it also increases your net sale value and enhances your house’s curb appeal, which is a massive win for any homeowner. Here’s a look at some of the renovations you should consider making to your home.

Although Australia is a safe country, why would you risk getting robbed? Between 2020 and 2021, about 3.5% of Australians experienced a break-in. So, the possibility that someone may try to break into your house is always there. Plus, it’s best to go the extra mile and protect your newly renovated space instead of leaving it vulnerable. 

Technology has brought many innovations, and many manufacturers now incorporate the latest technology in their security doors. Their security doors are highly functional doors and are installed in order to guard your house.

Having security doors reduces the need for you to worry about a break-in. This allows you to decorate your house as lavishly as you want without inhibiting your taste. If you have children, the security door ensures they can’t operate the lock.

  • Touch Up Your Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of a house. In any well-constructed home, the kitchen is the central theme. So, you simply cannot neglect this vital room. When it comes to kitchen renovation, you have many options. You can choose to have an open layout or make it into a small functional space. 

If you like to take risks, you can attempt to knock down your kitchen wall and include it in the dining room’s structural plan. But to tackle your kitchen, you must work with its size and style. If you have outdated cabinets, switch them for modern finishes like marble with fancy handles. You can also introduce a backsplash to give your kitchen more personality. 

You may also try DIY techniques to increase storage space, such as introducing wall shelves, removing useless cabinets, or repurposing an old closet into a pantry. Subtle touches like buying a new chandelier, upgrading the stone on your island, or customizing your kitchen handles can also add charm to the space. Most Australians spend 31% of their income on renovating their kitchen, so you shouldn’t be surprised if it can be a little pricey.

  • Modernize the Bathroom

No one wants a drab bathroom. Instead, most homeowners focus on building aesthetically pleasing toilets that mimic art and look elegant. Luxury adds to your property value; the more intricate the plumbing, the higher the resale value. The idea is to transform your bathroom into a space where you can think, feel and relax. If you have space around your toilet, consider making it larger by expanding the area. 

Once you have the size, add a wall-mounted vanity, a sizeable claw-shaped bathtub, and neutral tiles. If you’re not a fan of bathtubs, then go for modern shower heads with multiple attachments shooting water from various angles. Your bathroom can look attractive with a skylight, hanging light fixtures, and marble finishes. If you like dabbling in color, teal, black, and mauve are safe options. 

You can also try making a patterned wall if you want to be more creative. Don’t clutter your new space; keep everything in a cabinet or shelf. You want the area to look neat and clean. 

  • Get Landscaping

Australia is a beautiful country. It has natural greenery, water bodies, and a healthy amount of sunlight in almost every city. For this reason, why not take advantage of the beauty around you and use it as inspiration to work in your backyard? A well-maintained garden is a treat to look at. In Australia, most landscaping projects are about $10 to $100 per square meter while laying down turf.

Landscaping requires planning. You must decide what you want to add to your property and what needs to go. If you have patchy grass, lay down new turf. Once the grass settles in, you can create a walkway using stone, so you’ll have a beautiful yard instead of plain grass. Try to get your hands on local plants like kangaroo paws, succulents, or sunflowers. 

You can also grow lavender, birds of paradise, and daylily. Install lighting near your plants and the stony path to create a lovely hazy appearance. If you have a budget to get more items for your yard, purchase outdoor furniture, preferably made of jute. If you don’t want to maintain ample space, convert half of your backyard into a functional area to enjoy a BBQ while keeping the rest green.

Final Thoughts

Renovation projects are exciting when done right. It’s a chance to express your creativity and add personality to your home. Everyone has their individualized style, but if you want to increase your property value while making your space look good, study market trends the community favors. To effectively renovate your area, start by studying your structural plan and highlighting your house needs. Anything old and outdated must go. Splurge on modern and tech-savvy finishes since these are long-lasting and look perfect in your new house.


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