Are you considering adding a solid security layer to your home or business? While there are several fencing options in the market, a chain link fence stands out as one of the best choices you can make. 

This type of fence is not only affordable but also very low maintenance. Not forgetting, it will serve the intended purpose, that is, keeping intruders, human, animal, and even tropical cyclones, away from your property for years to come.

If you are faced with the decision of choosing a fencing option for your home or business, sticking to your budget is likely among your top concerns. So, you obviously want to know how much it will cost you.

Well, the installation cost will depend on a lot of factors, and your quote won’t look the same as the next person’s. That said, your chain link fence installation will be calculated based on the following:

Your Property Dimensions

The size of the property you are fencing is the primary factor the contractor will assess when calculating the estimate of your chain link fence installation. Measuring your property’s dimensions will give the contractor an idea of how much material and labor will be needed, as well as how long the job will take.

Usually, installations cost anywhere between $8-$40 per linear foot, depending on the type of chain link fence you pick as well as other specifications.

The Metal Strands Thickness

Not all chain link fences are made the same. In reality, the metal material used comes in different gauges. Gauge is a method of measuring a metal’s thickness, which affects the cost of not just the material but the installation job as a whole.

So, how do gauges work? Well, the lower the gauge, the thicker the metal, and consequently, the higher the price. Higher gauges translate to thinner metal strands and, so, lower the cost of installation. Generally, thicker metal strands provide greater security, as they are harder to breach. They are also more resistant to rust and deterioration from the weather.

As a rule of thumb, an average gauge is best for home fencing. Not too light as not to provide any significant security and not too thick as not to make economic sense. Conversely, a lower gauge is best for commercial premises, as it will provide maximum security.

The Desired Mesh Size

As the name suggests, a chain link fence is composed of metal strands chained or linked to each other to form a mesh. For uniformity, the mesh size, which is the distance between two interlinking points along a strand, is usually the same across the fence. And this length is by standard two inches.

That doesn’t mean you do not have the liberty to choose your own mesh size, depending on the look and level of security you are going for. But if you decide that two inches is a little too big for you and instead go with a smaller size, say an inch, then be prepared to pay more; as much as double. A smaller mesh size means a lot more material will be used, so the cost must go up.

The Supporting Posts

For a sturdier installation, your fence will need posts. This cost is usually included in the standard fence estimate. But generally, the more posts you need, the higher your installation costs, and vice versa. Also, standard posts are made from metal. However, you can request wooden ones if you are looking for better aesthetics. This, of course, will cost you a lot more.

Your Custom Requirements

Maybe you want a taller fence, a different metal coating, slats for a bit of privacy, or even a custom gate for easy entry and exit. You can customize your fence in more ways than one. However, keep in mind that these custom requirements will affect the total cost of your fencing project.

Chain Link Fence Installation is an Affordable Alternative to Securing Your Home or Business

Chain link fences have long been a popular method of securing residential and commercial properties. They are versatile, affordable, and quick to install. More importantly, they last years if they are well taken care of. That said, the cost of a chain link fence installation will pretty much depend on what you want, including any special modifications.


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