If you want to extend your house or building, you can extend it without permission for a certain distance. Every time you don’t have to take permission for the same.

House extension without planning permission is possible. You can extend the house or build up to 6 meters. In the case of a detached house, you can extend it up to 8 meters. But you have to follow some rules listed below.

  • Other houses or buildings should cover only half land around your house
  • You can extend only up to your roof’s height.
  • You cannot build a single-story extension of more than eight meters.
  • If your house is in front of a highway, the extension should not be forward or side elevation.
  • You can build a single-story extension only up to four meters.
  • If your extension is more than a single story, then you can only extend up to three meters of the back wall of the house
  • You must build a two-story extension seven meters from the back boundary.

You can get blocked from extending the house in case of any objections. There are strict rules for a double-story extension. The roof of the extension should be the same height as the existing property. The side-facing windows above the height of 1.7 meters should be bright.

Of course, if you live in a small space, you have to extend your house to get sufficient space. Some people also extend their properties to increase their value. Whatever the reason, you must consider some essential factors before building the extension.

Size of your house extension

When planning for an extension of the house or building, the main thing that matters is size. Whether you will get permission to build an extension depends on the size of the extension.

As we said earlier, there are many rules for building an extension. You have to build an extension as mentioned in the rules. You can get this information from your building contractors

Type of your property 

There are various rules for various types of properties. Due to this reason, you will get permission based on the type of your property. So, you have to follow the rules according to your property type.

Flats or marionette-like properties don’t have any legal rights for development. Therefore, you can’t build an extension. So, firstly you have to find a type of your property. 

Previous Extensions

When planning to build an extension without permission, you need to ensure that your house has not been extended previously. Because you are not allowed to if your house is previously extended, this is a common problem for people trying to build an extension without permission. Therefore, you should also consider this point.

Listed Properties

If you have so many properties, you should know all their restrictions. You should be clear about all the properties. If your house or building is in protected or conservation areas, then you cannot build any extensions in this case. You need to check whether your property has permitted development rights or not. 

If development rights are removed from your property, you are not allowed an extension. You can build up to one story and side extension on this type of land. Check the extension rules as your country. For instance, if you are living in Essex, you must check the house extensions Essex rules to know everything about extension.


If you want to do a house extension without planning permission, you must discuss the above factors with your building contractor. And then, you can build extensions by following the rules.


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