The kitchen is the one place that evokes the sight of food and feelings of hunger that need satisfaction. When you design your kitchen around the feelings of warmth and the added advantage of family or entertainment, it awakens the emotion of security and warmth. Can traditional kitchens meet the modern designs and fulfill all the feelings described above? Yes, it can. In fact, as many homes meet the open-plan layouts, the kitchen becomes an integral part of home activities.

The most critical question you need to answer is, what is the end goal of your design? Ask yourself which kitchen design appeals to me? Do you want your kitchen as a central place for your family activities and to entertain friends? Do you desire your kitchen design to serve for cooking meals and washing dishes, and that is all?

When you think about a traditional kitchen, do you imagine a kitchen designed out of warm wood, detailed cabinet flooring, and warm colors? You are not wrong, traditional designs base their concept on these features. So if you want to create your kitchen in the traditional way, then Abodian will be the best one to fulfil your dream, they use Authentic Real Wood with water-resistant quality.

Engraved Wood Designs

The art of having table stands and cabinet handles with carved etchings makes part of the elements of a traditional kitchen. No matter your design, having these artistic details brings character to your kitchen design. Having a kitchen layout that has white cabinets mixed with elements of dark wood cabinets is a way to modernize the kitchen.

The arrangement can incorporate a kitchen island of dark polished wood, a marble, or granite surface. The twist of the design is the island table legs. Consider having the wooden table leg supports carved with elaborate etchings, either highly polished or left unpolished. If the support of the island is cabinetry, have detailed cupboards. Couple the cabinets and island with a wooden floor to achieve a traditional-looking kitchen.

Wooden raised-panel doors

The design of the raised-panel doors includes an elevated middle with a framed door edge surrounding it, giving it a 3D beveled appearance. Manufacturers often use oak, cherry, or pine wood to make a raised look. You can find some of these doors made by Best Online Cabinets for instance. Match these raised-panel doors with engraved or contrasting colored handles and bring the traditional look into your kitchen. Neutral colors or warm wood colors bring in the finishing look.

Roof Beams

Does your kitchen have roof beams? Instead of covering them up, leave them exposed. Vanish and polish the wooden beams or paint them in a complementary or contrasting color to the rest of the kitchen. Have the color of the beam match a feature (wooden floor, cabinet, or island top) in the kitchen. These exposed beams will give your kitchen a traditional appearance. Install spot roof lights, mood lighting, or a chandelier or two (depending on the size of your kitchen).

Ceiling Moldings

What can you do if your kitchen does not have beams? Use roof moldings in the latest designs to bring some modern elements into your kitchen. Have the molding match your raised-door cabinets to bring out the unity in your kitchen design. Crown this off with two or three drop-down decorative lights.

Kitchen Backsplash

The market has a variety of tiles for the traditional kitchen. You might like to install the conventional backlash behind your cooker top, from the perimeters of the countertop to the lower edge of the upper cabinets, or on a whole wall section. Try to match the traditional tiles as a complementary element to the kitchen design.


Whatever design you select for your traditional kitchen, go with your creativity. Mix and match different kitchen elements to achieve the appearance you want. Continue to use warm and neutral color pallets to brighten or darken your kitchen. If in doubt, please consult your professional interior designer.


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