The famous barrister bookcase manufacturer Globe Wernicke manufactured different types of stylish bookcases. Today, we will discuss how to date globe Wernicke bookcase, so keep reading till the end for useful information including the globe Wernicke bookcase grades.

In 1899, the Cincinnati-based company named Globe which was founded in 1882 by Henry Yeise bought the Wernicke Company of Grand Rapids which was founded in 1893 by Otto Wernicke, this is how Globe Wernicke was created. 

Despite having ups and downs, the Globe Wernicke company was among the best manufacturers of bookcases, they had factories in several countries including the UK, US, Germany, France, and Canada. Its popularity was due to its unique craftsmanship and stacking bookshelves. However, the company ceased its operations in 1955.

Tips to date Globe Wernicke bookcase?

Tips to date Globe Wernicke bookcase


Before adding legs to a bookcase, it is always a good idea to check the age of your furniture to avoid any damage.

So, if you are trying to know How to date globe Wernicke bookcase, then read this heading. You can check your bookcase for the wood used to manufacture it, if it is made of oak then it must be from the early days when the company came into being in 1899.

We are suggesting this method because this company started using other materials like rosewood, mahogany, and other types of wood after the 1930s. If you are sure about the wood type of your bookcase, then you can easily tell its age. 

Another way Globe wernicke bookcase dating is to focus on its style because back in 1900, the glass door was used in the making of the bookcase.

After the 1930s, the style was changed and slowly turned into art deco. That means, they stopped using glass doors, instead, they adapted unique shelves and frames. 

Globe wernicke bookcase dating


So, if your bookcase has glass doors then it is probably from the early 1900s. This is how to date the globe Wernicke bookcase according to its style. Additionally, you can look for furniture tags to tell the age. It is usually found at the back of the bookcase so look for the product tag or furniture tag everywhere. 

Globe Wernicke bookcase


If you have successfully found one then see whether it is old-fashioned or modern. If it is not that old and looks modern then it was surely produced after 1950 as the company then started using colored tags. Keep reading to know the globe Wernicke bookcase grades!

List of Wernicke bookcase Grades/Finish Numbers:

globe wernicke bookcase grades


Globe Wernicke bookcase dating shouldn’t be a big deal for you as now you know how to date globe Wernicke bookcase. Let’s have a look at its grades below:

  • 114 1/2 – Economy, Standard series.
  • 122 1/2 – Economy series.
  • 197 –  Brass oxidized hardware and plain oak with weathered finishing.
  • 198 – plain oak and copper oxidized hardware with a fine medium-dark antique gloss finish.
  • 199 – plain oak with brass oxidized hardware and a Golden finish.
  • 217 1/2 – quarter sawed oak with fumed brownish medium wax finish.
  • 278 1/2 – used on 3300 Series.
  • 296
  • 297 – dark or medium finish quarter sawed oak with brass oxidized hardware and weathered dead.
  • 298 – quarter sawed figured oak and copper oxidized hardware (light polished finish).
  • 298 1/2 – quarter sawed figured oak and dull brush-finished brass hardware (dead antique finish).
  • 299 – highly polished quarter sawed figured oak with brass oxidized hardware and a deep rich golden finish.
  • 299 1/2 – quarter sawed figured oak and dull brush-finished brass hardware with dead golden finish.
  • 373 and 373 ½ – imitation walnut, used on 3300 Series.
  • 374L – used on 3300 Series.
  • 385 1/2 – imitation walnut (3300 Series).
  • 397.5 – Canadian Economy style.
  • 398 – highly polished imitation medium dark mahogany (maple/red birch) with Roman gold end hardware and pearl center door knobs.
  • 398 1/2 – Imitation Mahogany, brushed brass hardware, dull finish.
  • 498 – medium dark black walnut, polished, Roman gold end trimmings, pearl center door knobs, finish available by 1899.
  • 516 1/2 – solid mahogany, medium dark, dull brass hardware, brownish, dead finish.
  • 517 1/2 – used for Universal style Globe Wernicke bookcase.
  • 598 – Roman gold end hardware (brass oxidized hardware) solid mahogany with a  medium dark polished finish and pearl center door knobs.
  • 598 1/2 – solid mahogany with a medium dark dead finish and brass hardware of dull brush-finishing.
  • 599 1/2 – Brownish solid mahogany (Sheraton style) with a tinge of dull red.
  • 698 – quarter sawed figured antwerp oak, brass oxidized hardware, polished finish.
  • 698 1/2 – quarter sawed figured antwerp oak, dull brush-finished brass hardware, dead finish.
  • 798 – quarter sawed (early English oak).
  • 798 1/2 – Medium light or dark quarter sawed figured early English oak with a dead finish and brass hardware of dull brush-finishing. 
  • 898 – quarter sawed oak with dull black solid brass hardware and mission finish.
  • 998 1/2 – quarter sawed oak, dull brush finished brass hardware,  fumed brownish dark wax finish.
  • 2222 1/2
  • 3025 ½ and 3098 1/2 – used on later Universal series.
  • 3298 1/2 – used on Economy series.
  • 3815 1/2 – light oak.
  • 4098 1/2 – used for Ambassador style Globe Wernicke bookcase.

Wrapping Up:

We have given a detailed answer to the question ‘how to date globe Wernicke bookcase’ and tried to put everything in one place for our readers. We have also shared the list of its grades for people who were looking for such information. 

Globe Wernicke was very popular due to the unique designs of their bookcases but now its competitors took over and it is no longer in operation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Date a Globe-Wernicke bookcase?

There are many ways to do it, however, it is a little bit tricky but with the right tips, you can easily date your Globe-Wernicke bookcase.

You can tell the date by checking the furniture tag or the style of your bookcase. The type of wood used also helps in telling the year of its manufacturing. 


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