Some people always hang out in their kitchen, even inviting friends to come over and hang out in the space while drinking cocktails or eating tapas. Others only use their kitchen for the basics it was designed for: cooking. So, what’s the difference? Why do some people enjoy the kitchen far more than cooking, whereas others are out of there as soon as they’ve finished loading the dishwasher? The answer is the design. With the right kitchen design, you can create a social space everyone wants to hang out in. Read on to learn how.

Install a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is the room’s focal point – where you can cook, clean, sit, eat breakfast, and much more. Plus, a kitchen island can fit more people around a single area, creating a more social layout. Just think carefully about your kitchen island’s design before going forward with the addition. In particular, choose a high-quality material for your kitchen island, such as quartz or marble. These materials won’t scratch easily and will look beautiful for many years. Plus, if a person walks into a kitchen with a marble kitchen island, they are far more likely to want to stick around! Check out Legacy Countertops for ideas for your kitchen island’s countertop, as they have many materials and styles to choose from.

Reduce the Clutter

Most people don’t want to hang out in a space full of clutter. It’s uncomfortable! That’s why you must clear the clutter before making your kitchen a more social space. If you have too many items on the countertops, invest in better storage to hide them. If your kitchen quickly gets full of dirty pans and plates, reconsider your chore schedule so that nothing gets left out in plain sight. It all makes a difference.

Add Some Entertainment

You need a reason to stay in the kitchen even when no one else is around. After all, you’re unlikely to stick around after cooking if you only have the air fryer and cookbooks to keep you company! To create a more social space people want to hang out in, throw in some entertainment. A good set of speakers and TV work well here. That way, you can listen to music or watch TV while you’re cooking and cleaning, all while creating a space that others are attracted toward.  

Make the Seats Comfortable

There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable seats when you want to relax. So, to make people stick around and hang out in your kitchen, invest in comfortable seats. That means testing out those bar stools before splashing all your cash. You might also consider getting comfortable chairs or small sofas for the kitchen if you have the room.

Introduce Better Lighting

Lastly, make the space comfortable and appealing by introducing better lighting. Don’t just have the ceiling light illuminating the space – use interesting, layered lighting, incorporating a variety of light fixtures to create the perfect ambiance. Doing this will undoubtedly create a kitchen that more people flock to.


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