Wall lights can provide just the right amount of illumination in both indoor and outdoor areas. This type of lighting is most preferred since it has a stylish and functional purpose.

Take a look at the practical uses of wall lights and some tips on how to buy the best ones for your home. 


You can use wall lights as a bedside lighting alternative. You can install wall-mounted lights on either side of the bed. You can have wall lights that are adjustable or have swing-arm features.

This way, you no longer need to have lamps to have enough light for a cozy reading time. Wall lights also free up space on bedside tables. 

Decor Highlight or Creating a Focal Point

You can use wall lights to put more focus on decor or your most prized artwork. With its adjustable lighting settings, it is easy to create a focal point in the room. The light will instantly draw focus to the decor.

Entryways and Hallways

These areas need the right level of lighting. Having wall lights here will provide a functional and aesthetic purpose. When installing wall lights in entryways and hallways, pick fixtures that have downward-facing directions. This will prevent glare and ensure the safety of the area. 

Living Spaces

Install wall lights in the living room and common areas. The wall lights can help achieve a welcoming ambiance in the room.

When installing wall lights in living spaces, pick the ones with adjustable brightness levels. This will allow you to find the perfect lighting of the space. An installation tip is to make sure the wall lights are at eye level.

Outdoor Lighting

You can also use wall lights in the outdoor spaces. Have wall-mounted fixtures in patios, decks, walkways, or garden walls. Make sure that they have weather-resistant designs. Wall lights add to the aesthetic appeal and safety of your outdoor space

7 Types of Wall Lights for Your Home

Installing wall lights can improve the aesthetics and functionality of an area. There are different types of wall lights for indoor and outdoor lighting. Wall lights come in various types so choose ones that will suit different purposes. 

  • Decorative Wall Lights. Adds style due to its decorative and functional purposes. 
    • Flush-Mount Wall Lights: This is ideal for narrow spaces.
    • Picture Lights: They are specifically designed to highlight decor, artwork, or photographs.
    • Sconces: These are the best choice for accent or ambient lighting.
    • Spotlights: This directs the light on certain areas or objects.
    • Swing-Arm Lights: They have adjustable arms to easily change light directions.
    • Recessed Wall Lights: The fixtures are directly installed within the walls to achieve subtle illumination.
  • Outdoor Wall Lights. Weather resistant and specifically designed for outdoor spaces. 
  • Uplights/Downlights: It creates a different effect depending on which direction the light is pointed.

Visit your favorite fixture sellers online. Do your research to know which lighting is best for your home.

Ensure that you have a balance between aesthetics and functionality when making a choice. Try different styles and lighting levels. This can help you choose the best fixture to purchase.


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