The benefits of tier on tier shutters are similar to those of other window shutters. The versatility of these shutters makes them popular. Aside from that, they also look pretty awesome! Tier on tier shutters offer the following benefits:

Control and flexibility

Tier on tier shutters offer greater flexibility when it comes to controlling privacy and light than blinds, curtains, and some shutter styles. Slats on the panels can be adjusted, some panels can be opened while others are closed, all panels can be opened or all panels can be closed.

The view from your home can be enjoyed while shading the television from the sun, or you can let the fresh air in while blocking out the sizzling summer sun. There are no cords or wires involved in adjusting tier on tier shutters, so children and pets are not at risk.

Protect your privacy and security

Tier on tier shutters offer the convenience of ensuring privacy when and where you need it. Keeping the lower panels closed will prevent nosy neighbours from looking into your home if you live on a busy street or your home is overlooked by neighbours.

By preventing thieves from seeing into your home, tier on tier shutters also provide an added layer of security.

Let the sun shine through

Even the smallest rooms can be brightened by natural daylight. The amount of daylight in your home can be controlled with tier-on-tier shutters.

The shutters will block out direct sunlight during the summer months, keeping your home cool and insulated. Your home can be refreshed with a lovely breeze of fresh air by opening a window and tilting the slats on the closest panel.

The top panels can be left open to let ample sunlight in, while the bottom panels can be closed to maintain privacy.

Decorate your home with compliments

It complements a variety of home styles to have tier or tier shutters as a window dressing. Your home’s interior and exterior décor will be enhanced by tier on tier shutters, no matter what you’re going for.

Easily maintainable

Maintaining shutters could not be easier. Dust can easily be removed from shutters by wiping them with a dry cloth when you are cleaning the house. A damp cloth can also be used to remove splatters and stains.

With tier on tier shutters, your windows will be protected for decades to come.

Tier-on-tier shutters work best in which rooms?

In lounges, offices, and dining rooms on the first floor, tier-on-tier shutters are extremely popular due to their fantastic ability to easily control privacy and light levels.

In addition, tier on tier shutters can be made with waterproof materials, making them suitable for kitchens and other areas with humidity problems, such as laundry rooms.

The panel rail sizes of tier-on-tier shutters make them suitable for most window sizes, but we recommend fitting them on tall windows in an equal 50/50 split.

Shuttertec is here to help

The shutters we manufacture at Shuttertec are beautiful, bespoke shutters that are delivered to Essex, London, and Kent. Get in touch with us if you are interested in tier-on-tier shutters for your home.Online booking is also available. Our team will be able to help you with the selection of shutters for your home, measure your space, show you samples, and answer any questions you may have.


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