Who doesn’t enjoy music? Listening to music is perhaps the best pastime for most of us. The beauty of music is that it integrates with the situation, making it more enjoyable & relatable. Whether you are in a good mood or just had a bad day, there is a suitable song for you.

The artists behind this great art are responsible for our enjoyment. One such singer is James Hetfield, an amazing singer, guitarist & co-founder of the band Metallica.

He has been a very famous & renowned celebrity globally having his die-hard fans eagerly waiting for each performance. He used to live in San Francisco Bay Area but has now shifted to an extravagant & luxurious house in Vail Resort Colorado.

This article highlights the James Hetfield House & the reason for James leaving his previous home.

Early Life & Family

Early Life & Family

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James Alan Hetfield was born on August 3, 1963, in Downey California. James was brought up in a conservative Christian family. His father, Virgil Lee Hetfield was a truck driver while her mother, Cynthia Bassett was an opera singer.

James used to live with her mother after her divorce in 1976 until she tragically passed away due to cancer in her early days. James then moved to his half-brother’s house. James has three siblings, Deanna Hetfield, Christopher Hale, & David Hale.

Hetfield’s Career as an Artist

James got his music career kick-started in Los Angeles & never has he never looked down since that day. Apart from being a famous singer, he is also a guitarist, songwriter, & the lead vocalist of his famous band Metallica. Metallica was co-founded by both James Hetfield & Lars Ulrich in 1981.

James is famous for playing the rhythm guitar for Metallica & was also the lead vocalist on stage. Metallica throughout has produced ten studio albums, four plays & twenty-four singles, & three live show albums. The prestigious band has also won 9 Grammy awards in their lifetime performance.

The Old James Hetfield House & His Reason for Leaving

The Old James Hetfield House & His Reason for Leaving

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Before the new James Hetfield house Colorado, James spent the majority of his time living in the San Francisco Bay. James highlighted a few reasons regarding leaving the Bay.

He highlighted nature as a very strong deciding factor in his decision. James has been reported of saying that he loves visiting & spending time in Vail as gives him the feeling of being “a part of nature”.

Additionally, James is very attached to nature & also loves hunting as a hobby. Hence, he decided to shift to vail so he can pursue his hobby without getting judged by people.

James also chose to shift to Colorado because of his wife, Francesca. She used to live in Argentina & was brought up there mostly. The decision of shifting was enforced by her wife.

Hetfield has also said a couple of times about the attitude of the people of Bay. He felt that “there was an elitist attitude in Bay”.

Comparison & judgment was considerably too much in terms of complying with their way of politics, environment, & more. All things resulted in a person being looked down upon which was hated by James.

Lastly, James said that “I adore the ocean, and I love the Bay Area, I love what it’s got to offer, but there’s just an attitude that it was… It wasn’t healthy for me”.

The New James Hetfield House Vail

The new James Hetfield House is an enormous masterclass situated in Vail, Colorado. It was bought by James back in 2017 for an undisclosed amount, which is close to $23 Million. According to the current valuation, this amount is close to a worth of $28 Million today!

The house spreads over a mass acreage of 11,509 square feet, it has a large & vast outside. The house is situated near to the base of the Vail Ski Resort with a quiet & peaceful surrounding far away from the noisy city.

James Hetfield House consists of 7 elegant bedrooms & 10 luxurious baths. The house contains several unique fireplaces that have a very cozy & warm feel due to the ecstatic interior & design. The James Hetfield House is based on a very classic & sophisticated design that one falls in love with.

Final Words

The success & respect that James has earned over time is reflected through the magnificent house he has built-in Colorado. Surely, undying effort is the prime key to a man’s success.


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