Jeremy Clarkson is a famous British Tv personality, broadcaster, game show host and a writer. He is most famous for hosting the reality Tv show Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

If you are willing to know about where does Jeremy Clarkson live, you are at the right place as we have compiled all the relevant information about Jeremy Clarkson’s house and his current residence.

Get all the details in the article below about the house of the famous British Tv personality.

Who is Jeremy Clarkson?

Jeremy Clarkson is a famous TV personality. He is best known for hosting the popular motoring show, Top Gear. he was born on 11th April, 1960 in Doncaster, United Kingdom. He has been appearing on national television since 1988 and is still active in his career as a TV show host. However, he was fired from Top Gear after he verbally and physically attacked one of the producers of the show.

Apart from being a famous Tv personality, he is also a writer and writes for a dedicated weekly column for The Sunday and The Sun.

He has been married twice in his lifetime but, unfortunately both of his marriages ended with divorce. He was married for the first time with Alexandra James in 1989. However, the couple got divorced only a year after their marriage in 1990. Later Jeremy Clarkson married another woman named Frances Cain in 1993. The relationship stayed a lot longer than his first marriage and the couple got divorced in 2014. 

Jeremy Clarkson has three children in total from both of his marriages. His children’s names are Emily Clarkson, Finlo Clarkson and Katya Clarkson. But we are not here to discuss Jeremy Clarkson’s children but his house. Let’s find out where does Jeremy Clarkson live.

Where Does Jeremy Clarkson Live?

Jeremy Clarkson is a famous British Tv personality and journalist. Besides earning fame, he has also earned a lot of money which he mostly uses to buy assets for himself and his family. In this article we will discuss about Jeremy Clarkson house in Chipping Norton, United Kingdom. According to sources, this house was bought at the price of 2 million dollars in 2012.

Jeremy Clarkson House

Jeremy Clarkson’s house in Chipping Norton, United Kingdom has six bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The house sits on 7 acres of land, most of which is used as a farm. The house is located on the Chipping Norton estate, and is currently worth a lot more than the actual buying value of the property. 

The house can be described as rustic and authentic and the design of this estate is custom according to the liking of the residents. Although Jeremy Clarkson’s house gives off the vibe of an old farmhouse, but it is equipped with all the facilities and luxuries of modern life. The house also includes a swimming pool, tennis courts, barn for chickens and a nice and cozy stable for horses.

Talking about the area of the house, Chipping Norton is the highest town in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. The community sits on the remnants of Norman settlements. ‘Chipping’ is derived from an Old English word, which refers to a market. Chipping Norton has been the site of popular markets since the 13th century and is still referred to as one. Both the architecture and the landscape hold a plethora of stories from British history.

Visiting this place, people may find it much more interesting if they are willing to invest their time knowing about the culture and history of the town.

Jeremy Clarkson House Specification

  • Number of Bedrooms: 6
  • Number of Bathrooms: 5
  • Area of Property in Square Feet: 12,173 Square feet
  • Swimming Pool: Yes
  • Barn: Yes
  • Farm: Yes
  • Stable: Yes
  • House Decor: Rustic
  • Jeremy Clarkson House Address: Chipping North Estate, Chipping Norton, UK

Jeremy Clarkson House Photos

Here are some photos of Jeremy Clarkson’s house in Chipping Norton, United Kingdom.

where does jeremy clarkson live


where does jeremy clarkson live


where does jeremy clarkson live


Jeremy Clarkson Net Worth

As Jeremy Clarkson is a popular TV personality and a journalist, he has a well established source of income. He has been co-hosting several motoring reality TV shows with other TV celebrities. However, recently he has been fired from his position as the host of the TV show Top Gear. The cause of his removal from the show was his inappropriate behavior with the producer of the show.

Currently, he is mainly focusing on his writer career and regularly writes weekly columns for multiple newspapers. 

Depending on his yearly income and salary, his net worth is estimated at around 70 million dollars.

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