When we hear about huge and expensive properties, it is more likely that we associate them with some celebrity or businessman. Having a beautiful, luxurious and expensive house is what most rich people do. But sealing the deal with the most expensive trade of house was recently encountered as Joe Rogan bought his home in Austin. 

Joe Rogan who is a famous podcaster and owes his fame and money to the internet. He has recently invested in a huge property in Austin, Texas worth over $ 14 millions. 

This news has created a wave on the internet and people and mostly Joe Rogan’s fans are curious to know about Joe Rogan House. Read the whole article to learn more about the famous Joe Rogan Austin Home

Who is Joe Rogan? 

Joseph James Rogan, famously known as Joe Rogan is an American podcaster, comedian, actor and former Tv show host. He has been hugely famous as the commentator at the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Apart from several minor appearances here and there throughout his career, he has also hosted his own podcast show named The Joe Rogan experience.  

Joe Rogan’s podcast has been running for quite some time now and covers a large range of topics including science, politics, comedy and current events, which has enticed a large number of audiences to his show. The podcast usually invites any guest celebrities to talk and discuss on different topics.  

Joe Rogan was born on August 11th, 1967 in Newark, New Jersey, United States. He has been brought up and educated in his home town and showed interest in acting and comparing from a very young age. 

Joe Rogan married in 2009 to a former cocktail waitress named Jessica Ditzel. The couple has been together since and have a content life. They also have two daughters; the first was born in 2008 and the second in 2010. Joe Rogan also has a step-daughter who is his wife, Ditzel’s daughter from a previous relationship. 

joe rogan austin home

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Joe Rogan House 

Joe Rogan has been recently circulating on the news and forum as he has bought a new house in Austin Texas which covers an expansive area of 10,980 square foot leaving behind his previous house which was not a small house either and covered an area of 7,600 square foot.  

As big as this new Joe Rogan house is, the price of the house is at least 4 times more expensive than the previous house he owned at Golden State. Joe Rogan Austin Home cost him around $ 14.4 million which is quite a sum but can be easily spared by the famous podcaster. 

The mansion at Lake Austin was built in 2006 and was listed for the first time in 2015 for $ 7.25 millions. This Asian inspired modern mansion was designed by Benjamin Wood who also owned the house previously. 

The huge structure is surrounded by lush green hills. Apart from having tremendously beautiful scenery, the house also has two garages that are used to accommodate the numerous luxurious cars the family owns. 

The mansion houses all the facilities of modern-day life including 8 luxurious and spacious bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, pool and in-proper lake. The house also features a private gym for the home owners and a special podcast room where Joe Rogan spent most of his days.

Joe Rogan Austin Home Address 

Not the exact address of Joe Rogan house is available on the internet but what we do know is that the property is located at the posh area on Austin Lake, Texas. The mansion is huge and is surrounded by a lot of greenery. 

According to the reports, Sandra Bullock also owns a property in the area which helps her to lead a simple life away from the chaotic urban lifestyle. Austin Lake has a secluded feel and gives a lot of options to keep away from the noise of the city while providing the luxuries and sceneries. 

Distinctive Features of Joe Rogan’s House 

Joe Rogan house is inspired a lot by Asian culture and techniques. Even with the modern fittings and furnishing, you can get the feel of culture and traditions in the décor of his house. Here are some distinctive features of Joe Rogan’s Austin home. 

  • The house is featured with 8 luxurious and 10 bathrooms 
  • The interior of the mansion has been redesigned into an open floor plan, with a dining table, living room and library sharing one space 
  • The walls and ceiling of most of the parts of the house including dining and sitting area are coated in a deep, designer blue 
  • The built-in bar in the mansion is made of wood with a wonderfully sturdy look and is built into the raised platform floor 
  • The house features two kitchen islands with pull-up seating and rustic farmhouse-style light fixtures 
  • A large modern fireplace is lined with antique cabinets that decorates the dining room and kitchen area 
  • The mansion also has a private gym for the family specially set up by the exercise equipment company, Sorinex  
  • Several places in the house is dedicated to the statues of Hindu Gods and Buddha 

Podcast Room in Joe Rogan’s House 

If you are a fan of Joe Rogan or have ever seen his podcast on YouTube, The Joe Rogan Experience, then you must recognize the room where he hosts his podcasts. This is a customized room built for Joe Rogan’s podcast sometime around April 2020. 

The room is equipped with all types of gadgets and techs to help Joe Rogan conduct his podcasts in a good way. The podcast room is also sound proof which is quite essential to keep the voices and sounds from outside of the room away from any recording device.  


Joe Rogan is a famous American podcaster, actor, Tv show host and a comedian who has recently resurfaced on the news regarding his new expensive purchase of a mansion at Austin Lake, Texas. According to the reports, he bought the 11,000 square foot mansion for $ 14.4 millions.


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