Johnny Depp is a name that requires no introduction, and with the recent defamation case involving Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, the actor has just got so much media exposure to last a few years. However, circulating on the news and media, the actor has intrigued the interest of many fans and followers, who are mostly interested to know details about the actor’s life before and after the court case. 

Some of the most popular searches on the internet involving the actor’s name are ‘Johnny Depp house’ and ‘Johnny Depp address’. If this is the search that led you to this article, then rest assured, we have got you covered on the topic. 

Who is Johnny Depp (Not that you don’t know him already)? 

John Christopher Depp ll, famously known as Johnny Depp, is a well-known American actor and musician. He was born on 9th June 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky, United States. He started his career in the Hollywood industry in 1984 with a role in the famous horror movie ‘A nightmare on elm street’. 

After securing some prominent roles on the big screen, Johnny Depp moved on to star in the popular tv series ‘21 Jump Street’, which lasted on the television for three years from 1987-1990. With his role in the tv show, he was considered as a teen idol of his time. 

Throughout his career, Johnny Depp has portrayed many iconic roles that left a lasting impression on our hearts. Ranging from funny to grim characters, we have seen him in several versatile roles that he has nailed with perfection. 

Although Johnny Depp is famous for many things, he has been recently circulating the news and media for a very different reason. He has been involved in a court case filed by his ex-wife, Amber Heard. This sudden and constant exposure in the media, has triggered people’s attention towards the actor and people become very much interested in knowing about the actor’s personal life and specially about Johnny Depp house. Which is why we have gathered related information on his houses and properties that he owns in this article. 

Johnny Depp House 

Johnny Depp House


Johnny Depp is a famous Hollywood actor and thus also has a big fortune to buy himself not one, but several luxurious mansions and properties throughout the United States. He owns multiple houses and estates that not only speaks class but also is the product of lavish and luxurious lifestyle. 

He has been married two times in his life, but unfortunately for him, none of his marriages lasted more than 2 years. However, when he was married both times, he shared his mansion with his wives. And most recently, the Los Angeles mansion that he owned was shared by the actor with his second wife, Amber Heard.  Let’s learn further about the Los Angeles mansion below. 

Johnny Depp Los Angeles Mansion 

The Los Angeles Johnny Depp house is a two-story penthouse which is on the top floor of one of the city’s most historic buildings, Eastern Columbia Building. The penthouse is spread on 1,780 square feet and features soaring ceilings and a cozy lounge area on the staircase landing.  

In addition to the building’s walkability and availability to restaurants and shopping, other amenities of the penthouse include a rooftop saltwater pool, fitness studio, spa, sun deck, Zen Garden and a 24/7 concierge service. 

Johnny Depp Address 

Johnny Depp actually owned five of the Eastern Columbia building’s penthouses. However, after getting divorced with his wife, Amber Heard, he sold all of them for the hefty sum of $12.78 million. The exact Johnny Depp address is not clearly mentioned, however, the Eastern Columbia building is a famous landmark and the address of the building can be easily fetched. 

Johnny Depp House Sweetzer Ave 

Apart from the famous Los Angeles penthouses, another property owned by Johnny Depp has created many roars among his fans. Johnny Depp house Sweetzer Ave is something from a gothic novel. With fortress-like architecture and design, it is one of the most attention seeking properties of Johnny Depp. 

Johnny Depp Sweetzer Ave castle was bought by the actor in 1995 for the price of $2.3 million. However, the castle is almost 100 years old and has stood the test of time and is still in a prime condition.  

Johnny Depp Net Worth 

Johnny Depp is a famous Hollywood actor who has a great reputation in the industry. He has played several iconic and noteworthy characters throughout his career in the Hollywood. He was and is still a fan favorite actor even in his 50s. His net worth is estimated at $150 million. He has come a long way from a teen actor and still has a long way to go with his fantastic acting skills and charming looks. 

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