Although Kendall Jenner comes from one of the wealthiest celebrity families in the United States, the interior of her house in Los Angeles is surprisingly understated. The model and reality TV star opened the doors to her home, which is decorated in a Mediterranean style, for the upcoming issue of Architectural Digest. In doing so, she disclosed a preference for muted tones, organic materials, and natural patterns. 

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The Kar-Jenners each have their own distinct design aesthetic when it comes to their homes, whether it be Kim and Kanye’s extremely minimalist home or Kylie’s colorful domicile in Hidden Hills. Do you have any idea what Kendall Jenner house appears like? Let’s find out together! 

All Crucial Details Regarding the Kendall Jenner House 

A photoshoot that accompanies the article gives readers an exclusive peek inside the celebrity’s home. The model demonstrates her taste for period pieces, such as an antique Turkish rug, a chaise lounge from France that dates to the 19th century, and a set of teak kitchen stools designed by mid-century architect Pierre Jeanneret.  

In addition to contemporary touches, such as custom sofas and colorful wall art, the model’s apartment also features period pieces. The interior designer Tommy Clements was pleasantly surprised by Jenner’s preference for home decor. Along with his design partner, Kathleen Clements, and celebrity decorator Waldo Fernandez, Clements helped bring the model’s vision for her house to life. 

What Sort Of A Theme Does Kendall Jenner House Exhibit? 

Jenner’s home, which includes a pool, an art studio, and a master bathroom with a sleek brass shower, is decorated with earthy tones that are warm to the eye. However, there are bursts of color throughout the space, including her teal kitchen cabinets, green bathroom flooring, and a pair of bold prints by Barbara Kruger.  

A pair of painted Italian door panels from the 18th century can be found in the “sitting area” of Jenner’s master bedroom. These panels are among the more noteworthy decorations in the room. According to Fernandez, who has designed houses for celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Elizabeth Taylor, the model’s personalized approach to interior design is reflected in the furnishings and accessories throughout the space. 

Highlighting the Furnishing of Kendall Jenner House 

The majority of Jenner’s furnishings are on the subdued side, but her house is filled with brightly colored contemporary artwork. An ovoid wall sculpture by James Turrell can be found close to the front door of the house. This sculpture is animated by computer-programmed LED lights and creates a rosy glow over the foyer. In the corridor that leads to Jenner’s bedroom are two brightly colored works by Barbara Kruger, and in the sitting area of her bedroom, there is a bright Tracey Emin light sculpture that hangs above the fireplace that has two sides to it. 

Jenner transformed two bedrooms into a dressing room and a glam room, respectively, and called the former the “Hannah Montana room.” Several framed magazine covers depicting Jenner are displayed on the walls of the restroom for guests’ convenience. The rest of her family has this particular design feature, which Jenner says she got from her sister Kim quite a while ago and that she credits with beginning the trend. Jenner also turned her movie room into an art studio so that she could create while she watched movies in her new space. 

Kendall Jenner House Address: What Structural Changes Did Kendall Jenner Go For While Furnishing Her House? 

The model claims that among all the rooms in her house, her suite-based bathroom may have undergone the largest renovation. Significant structural alterations included doubling the height of the shower, adding glass to create a more open feeling, and raising the ceilings. A brass tub by Catchpole & Rye, however, is the pièce de résistance situated in the restroom.  

Doors lead to her garden, which is bordered by trees, from her bedroom. Additionally, many of the other rooms have glass doorways that lead out to a sizable backyard with a pool because of the way the house is shaped. There is plenty of space outside where Jenner can relax, with lots of seating and a lawn to stretch out on. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Has the Kendall Jenner House Address Been Revealed? 

Kendall Jenner, a model and a celebrity on the reality show known by the name, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” calls the opulent Mulholland Estates she owns her home. 

Did Kendall Jenner Make Any Structural Changes In Her Los Angeles Home? 

Jenner did not make many structural alterations to the building’s original design. Instead, she converted two of the home’s five chambers into a pair of fully functional glam and dressing rooms.


If we were to describe Kendall Jenner house in one word, we would surely label it as stylish. Her wall sculpture by James Turell is pink; her kitchen cabinets are forest green, and virtually every room in the house has floor-to-ceiling windows that let in lots of natural light. 

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