The place from where the most mouthwatering delights come from is not usually the coolest place to watch. The dark side of cooking is the immaculate mess & gunk which is left behind the granite countertops & tiled floors.

Do you know what makes a perfect chef? It’s not only about making the best food, it is also about keeping your station spick & span while you prepare the meal.

This article is penned down for those people who want to make their kitchens a pleasant & clean place to work in. Even if your kitchen is clean, this article will help you immensely by providing a great deal of organizing hacks that will definitely come in handy.

Read below 10 effective kitchen cleaning tips & kitchen cleaning ideas you wish you knew sooner.

Clean While You Chill

Clean While You Chill


How often does it happen that you are patiently waiting for that heavenly goodness to be completely baked, or waiting for a pot of water to come to a boil? Well, this tip is all about utilizing that free time of yours.

If you make your cleaning attempts in between the food preparing process, it will seem much easier to do it rather than to wait until the cooking is over. After you have done cooking you would already be very exhausted from the work & will tend to put away the cleaning for later.

Do The Wipe Before The Sigh!

Remember spilling milk while you were pouring it into the bowl of fruit loops? Clumsy hands I guess. Whether it is spilling milk or unwillingly toppling down the baking soda can, we don’t seem to clean it up instantly.

It’s always a great idea to clean whatever you spill straight away, put kitchen towels always at easy reach to do so. This is an effective way to keep your station clean while you are on the go as leftover spillage seems to get tough to remove after some time.

Garbage Bowl on the Go!

Garbage Bowl on the Go!


It’s frustrating to have to go every time to throw the peels of fruit, the wrapper from the newly opened noodle box, etc. Keeping the trash storing messiah within your arms reach is the best way to get away from this frustration.

One of the most effective kitchen cleaning tips, therefore, is to keep a garbage bowl. The garbage bowl is where all the dirt goes & the best part is that it’s within easy reach, hence the hassle to make the tireless trips to the garbage bins is no longer required.

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The All-Purpose Cleaning Solution 

The All-Purpose Cleaning Solution 


We all know that cleaning sprays cost too much & finish too soon. However, you don’t need to buy them as there is an easy way to prepare your cleaning solution in a spray bottle for indefinite use (indefinite only if you keep refilling it of course).

This DIY concoction can be easily made by mixing water with some white synthetic vinegar, adding freshly cut lemon & adding essential oils if you wish to.

Keep the mixture for 2 weeks before use. This solution will help you to clean your greasy countertops & appliances most effectively with the benefit of the great aroma left behind.

The Scientist Cleaning

Did you know that ammonia is an effective grease killer? Well, it is indeed true. To clean your messy stoves & burners which have accumulated grease & burnt food, get a bottle of ammonia from your local hardware store.

Pour in 1/4th cup ammonia in zip lock bags with your stovetops in each of them. Let them rest overnight & on the next day, they will be sparkling clean & grease-free upon easy water washing.

Keep the Counters Clean

One of the best kitchen cleaning tips is to keep your station sorted. I bet there is so much stuff on your countertops which you barely use. The best practice is to keep everything organized in the drawers & cupboards & only keep the very essential items on the countertops.

This will give you a lot more room for food prep & will give your kitchen a much more presentable look.

Old Is Gold, Hence Keep It at the Front!

An essential step in keeping your kitchen clean is to go through your fridge & pantry, organize the lot by moving the old food items & stuff at the front & the newly bought items to the back. This will lead to efficient use of food, the result is less wastage, & will save you some bucks.

Get On the Floor

Get On the Floor


Remember dropping the ice cube and merely kicking it underneath the fridge? Let us swear not to do it again. One of the most essential kitchen cleaning tips is to pick up stuff instantly as it falls. This will result in saving your time later by minimizing the work you have to do. 

The Microwave Cleanup

The microwave is the place which smells the most & the worst thing about is that whenever you warm your food there, your food starts to smell like the microwave as well.

The best cleaning technique for the microwave is to put some wet towels with a twist of lime in there for 3-5 minutes. After the timeout clean it with another towel & it will be sparkling clean & odor-free.

To Clean the Blender

To clean that amassed mess from the blender, pour in a solution of hot water & liquid soap. Blend the solution in it to get a clean, good-smelling blender. You may use a sponge to clean the blades, be careful not to cut yourself though!


We hope you enjoyed & learned new kitchen cleaning tips from this post. Also, you need the right upholstery materials for kitchen chairs that make your kitchen more beautiful. Be sure to comment down below your kitchen cleaning ideas which you use in your daily lives. Till then have a great day & we wish you a clean kitchen!


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