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The Kitchen Countertop Options for Your 2024 Renovation/ Remodeling Project!

Kitchen Countertop

Deciding on the fresh look of the kitchen can be the most exciting yet nerve-wracking feeling. You want it to be perfect since revamping projects comes at a price tag. If you enjoy hosting guests, the pressure can be almost sky-high.

You want to showcase your taste on the canvas of your kitchen layout. Everyone knows that countertops are the heroes.

Getting them right can be the priority. You can build other features around it. However, any selection depends on your knowledge and analysis.

The budget also becomes a critical aspect. Let’s quickly tour through the countertop material options for the upcoming year to choose something better.


Countertop replacement can be an integral part of your kitchen remodeling effort. One of the finest materials for this area is quartz, which contains up to 93% organic material; the rest is a mix of resins and pigments.

Durability and easy maintenance can be other attractions. Because of the artificial colors, quartz lets you create a cohesive or contrasting look in the interiors. Typically, the material costs around USD $50-75 per sq ft.

Luxury materials can be expensive, at USD $200 per square foot. Anyone can distinguish the low-quality quartz from the premium range by looking at the colour and veins. Expensive quartz countertops can be made to order. Quartzite countertops are easy to clean and maintain.

Any eco-friendly home can happily adopt it for its recyclable and long-lasting nature. However, only three things should be weighed: price, heaviness, and propensity to heat damage.


This stylish material has a rich history of beautifying many kitchens. Durability, low maintenance, heat resistance, and variety make it everyone’s go-to choice. Granite countertop cost depends mainly on quality and size.

The material can be priced at USD $40-100 per sq ft with labor charges of USD $35-85 hourly. There can be some relief if you choose tiles instead of slabs. These usually make you pay around USD $5-15 per sq ft.

Since you can install them on the older countertop, the demolition and disposal costs can be saved. However, a few things need consideration, such as cracking risks due to sealing issues, porous traits, and imperfections in slabs, etc.

Butcher block

An environmentally friendly kitchen cannot ignore this option. The countertop contains wooden strips of walnut, birch, hard maple, etc.

The strips are attached with the glue to form butcher block slabs for installation. After continuous use, it will wear and tear.

But you can revive its aesthetics through sanding and refinishing. Sealing can be a part of its maintenance routine, but it’s a simple DIY thing. The cost of material and installation can vary from USD $50-150 per sq ft on average.

If you choose exotic hardwood for a large kitchen, you can expect to spend around USD $15k. It’s hard to emulate its natural appeal for any other material. Still, it’s essential to remember that scratches, water damage, and cracking are some of its realities.

The options are endless, with marble, soapstone, and more. Choose one based on a 360-degree analysis of the material and your kitchen’s daily use requirements. You can also speak to your general contractor for an idea.



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