Anyone who is a fan of basketball, must know Kobe Bryant. He is simply considered a legend in the game. Kobe Bryant was quite successful in his game which has helped him to gather a huge fan following. 

His legacy in the sport of basketball is common knowledge, but what his fans are curious to know is about Kobe Bryant’s house. There have been various rumors regarding the residence of this basketball star and his fans want to know “where did Kobe Bryant live?”

If you are also willing to know about Kobe Bryant house address, then look no further and read the details below.

Who is Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant was a basketball legend. He was known for being one of the best basketball players of all time and often referred to as ‘Black Mamba’. He was a professional American basketball player who played for Los Angeles Laker of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

He started playing for the NBA right after completing his college and played for the Los Angeles Lakers his entire career and contributed a lot in winning 5 NBA championships. While playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, he wore the number 24 and served as a shooting guard who did amazing things for the Los Angeles Lakers for decades. 

Unfortunately, the basketball star died in a tragic helicopter crash in 2020. He was born on 23rd August, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He died on 26th January 2020 in California, United States.

Kobe Bryant had a lively personality and lived his life to the fullest. He was very fond of buying expensive assets and often invested his money by buying properties around the United States. Another one of his hobbies where he used to spend a lot of money was his fondness of luxury vehicles. He bought several luxury cars in his lifetime.

Where Did Kobe Bryant Live?

Where did Kobe Bryant live? While he was alive, Kobe Bryant lived in Newport Beach, California, United States. He had a huge mansion there and his family is still living in the mansion where he once used to live with his family. 

Kobe Bryant House

Kobe Bryant house is in Newport Beach, California. While he was alive, he lived in the same mansion. The rest of his family still lives in this house. This Newport Beach house is in a gated community neighborhood and is peaceful and serene.

The house has six bedrooms and 9 and a half bathrooms that are spread over 14,000 square feet of space. There is a Mediterranean vibe going about the house. It is the type of house that you fall in love with the instant you lay eyes on this property. 

Kobe Bryant house is loaded with modern day amenities. The house includes a massive pool, hot tub and a beautiful patio. The house even offers great views of the Pacific Ocean and much more offered by other houses in the same area. The house also contains a sauna, steam room, Game room and a personal home theater which offers a very great place for spending beautiful family times. 

Kobe Bryant house was custom built for Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa. The actual floor plan of the house is not fully known due to the fact that it is custom built. 

Kobe Bryant House Address and Specifications

  • Number of Bedrooms in the House: 6
  • Number of Bathrooms in the House: 9.5
  • Area Covered by the House in Square Feet: 14,500 square feet
  • Price of Kobe Bryant house: $18 million
  • Kobe Bryant House Address: Avalon Vista, Newport Beach, California 92657, United States

Kobe Bryant House Pictures

Here are some pictures of Kobe Bryant House that are enough to show the enormity of the house itself.

where did kobe bryant live


kobe bryant house address


kobe bryant house address


Kobe Bryant Net Worth 

Kobe Bryant was a successful basketball player that played for the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA. At the peak of his basketball career, Kobe Bryant used to earn millions of dollars per year. According to the sources, the superstar athlete has made a total of $770 million throughout his entire career by performing for the Los Angeles Lakers. His total income includes his salary as well as money he earned by several brand endorsements he worked for.

The net worth of Kobe Bryant at the time of his death was over 600 million dollars. However, the athlete definitely had the potential to increase this amount by folds, but unfortunately, Kobe Bryant met his fate at a young age and died in a tragic helicopter crash. His family, friends and fans still mourn his untimely death.

We hope that the information about Kobe Bryant’s house that we gathered for our readers was enough to give them the knowledge about the deceased athlete’s house in Newport Beach.

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