Just the notion of rooting out your well-settled life and establishing it somewhere else is physically exhausting and emotionally overwhelming. On top of that, time constraints can worsen matters. Ideally, you will need a month for organized and thorough packing, but things do not always go according to our wishes. Your mind would still be processing leaving your happy place with bitter-sweet memories, but the situation will require you to act fast and quit brooding. It is easy to panic under such circumstances. With your hands fully covered, the last thing you would want is the mismanagement your unprepared mind and inexperienced hands can spur up. So if you are in this unusual situation but do not know how to pack up the whole setup immediately, here are some tips to help you move ahead.

Before you begin with anything, you should at least get your movers and packers service settled. The experts of Man and Van Ilford believe that picking the service shouldn’t be the last step. This can induce chaos when the day of moving comes close, and you do not haven’t hired the movers.

Packing the entire house is messy, even without a clock ticking over your head, prompting you to fasten your pace. And wait till you are unable to find your small day-to-day things making the task more nerve-wracking. So as soon as you get a deadline to leave your house, disassemble the large furniture, especially the one you are not using and place it in a storage facility until the move. It will clear up much space for packing your things and piling up the boxes. Meanwhile, your furniture will remain safe from the dust and climate extremes, like that of Boise, with cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers. So if you have a residence there, look into the Boise storage units and rent the facility nearest to your place. You can decide later if you want to keep that furniture or say goodbye to it and buy a new set for a fresh start. 

Similarly, be ruthless and don’t hesitate to get rid of the things you have been hoarding for years and no longer need. You can either donate or sell them, whichever is more convenient. 

  • Make a Checklist:

In all the hustle and bustle of shifting your house, it is easy to lose focus and deviate from the task at hand. To streamline yourself, enlist all the essential tasks you should carry out on priority, whether that’s checking out what hughesnet internet plans, and plans from other providers, are available in the area you are moving to so, switching your water and energy supplier, booking a removal company, whatever you consider to be the most important. Getting engaged in less important things will waste your already scarce time. Once you have tended to the immediate things, you can focus on other tasks if the time remains. So follow the list and tick off tasks one by one until you are at the bottom of it.

  • Get Plenty of Packing Supplies:

The first task you should check off your list is to get plenty of packing supplies. Do not underestimate the quantity you will need, and try buying more than is required for wrapping up your items. Get your hands on cardboard boxes, packing tape, cutters, plastic bags, trash bags, mattress covers, and anything you may find useful. So to save yourself extra rounds of the market, make a list of everything you need and buy a surplus amount so you may not get short of anything. 

  • Make Shortcuts for Packing:

If the task is momentous and time is running out, go for some shortcuts. Toss away your concerns about inconveniences while unpacking, and you can skip organizing things excessively in separate boxes. As long as you have packed them securely, you are good to go. The haphazard packing can make labeling boxes difficult and time-consuming. Instead, take pictures of the contents of the boxes to know which items are packed together in a box.

Secondly, do not bother to empty the contents of the drawers of the bedside and dressing tables. All you have to do is tie them securely to avoid damage when loading and unloading. For your clothing, you can use garbage bags to wrap them while still on hangers rather than piling them in cloth bags. For your breakable crockery and glasswares, bubble wraps are an ideal choice. However, individually wrapping each item in it is a time-consuming task. Your linen closets can save the day here. You can provide soft bedding made of towels for your fragile items to cushion them against shocks. These little hacks will come in handy for your quick packing and be a lifesaver for you.

  • Get Professional Help:

Packing and moving your entire life in a short span can be overwhelming, so get some help where necessary. You can hire a moving company to load your items in a truck and shift them to your new house. They can also lend a hand in packing your things efficiently in a fraction of time. Likewise, your house post-packing can be a wreck, and you should restore its spick and span condition. You can hire a cleaning company for this purpose and focus entirely on looking after your things. It might cost you some bucks, but it will take some burden off your shoulders, and the results will be worth it.

  • Pack Away Your Essentials Separately:

Your essential items can easily get lost in all the chaos of packing. Since packing will turn your house upside down, they can be anywhere, and you will need to scan every nook and corner of your house to find them. So before getting to the main task, pack your essentials in a separate bag that should be easily accessible. It may include your toothbrush, change of clothes, fresh sheets, towels, laptop, chargers, important documents, etc. Keep the items you will need during and immediately after the move within your reach to avoid any undue hassle. 


While shifting your house in a short time is stressful, see it as the beginning of something exciting. This sudden life-changing decision may catch you off-guard, but remaining calm and poise and taking things one at a time will ensure a smooth start to your life in the new house. So when shifting your house in a hurry, save time and effort as much as possible. The hacks you use may cause inconveniences during unpacking, but that is affordable since you will have time once you move into your new house. Play smartly, and you will soon be ready and excited to step into another chapter of your life.


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