While moving to any new home, it is important to research the places, maps, and modes of transportation. If you’re planning to move to Melbourne, Australia, which is not only the state capital of Victoria, but also the major metropolitan of the country, you will find this article helpful as it will cover all major aspects of Melbourne’s life.

Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia. It is situated near river Yarra, and its eclectic nature makes it an important place for people seeking better career opportunities and a contemporary lifestyle. From Flinders Street station to St Kilda Penguins and from Brighton beach to Royal Botanic Gardens, every place has its charm. This city offers a rich and diverse multicultural aura that encourages people to enjoy better lifestyles. Here are a few things you should know before moving to Melbourne.

Before moving to Melbourne, searching for the right neighborhood to live in is important, as it will help you save the hotel expenses. Different localities offer different specialties and perks; you can choose according to your lifestyle, personal preferences, commute hours, and affordability. 

Once you have decided on the neighborhood, the next step is to make the move to your new home as smooth as possible. Consider hiring the services of Melbourne removalists for packing and unpacking all your belongings in the safest possible way. This will make the entire transition hassle-free for you so you can take care of other relevant stuff.

  • Weather

Next, it is very important to have an insight into the weather in Melbourne, which is quite dramatic and includes everything from hot spells in summer to cold fronts in winter. This is mainly due to its geographical location. The weather remains humid on summer days and is usually followed by rain and thunderstorm. Whereas in winter, the temperature remains moderately cool. The average temperature for summer falls between 24 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature for winter ranges between 15 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius.

  • Important locations and markets

Once you move to a new place, figure out locations like grocery stores and markets related to household items and electronics, etc. This is why it’s important to research and read guides before moving to Australia. If you’re an expat in Australia, it’s important also to research the best banks for expats in Australia to ensure you have the most convenient and cost-effective banking options available to you. Dandenong Market, St. Kilda’s Esplanade Market, South Melbourne markets, The Rose Street market, and The Queen Victoria markets are a few of the most famous markets in Melbourne, offering you a range of shops to buy groceries, furniture, clothes, books, etc. Google maps and search engines have made it easy to do everything for you. However, you can search the official site of Melbourne City Council for more specific details. 

  • Career opportunities

Melbourne is one the most sought destination for job seekers, providing many career opportunities for the skilled labor force. From IT professionals and nurses to chefs and electricians, all professionals have immense scope to take a step up in their career ladder and enjoy the lifestyle this city offers. For more detailed and specific job information, online portals like Indeed and Seek may be visited for relevant job searches.

  • Healthcare

Melbourne provides excellent world-class health and medical services to its residents. Both the public and private healthcare systems are effectively providing medical services. Public healthcare systems are more affordable for eligible Australian residents as they can access free medical treatment. These medical services range from primary healthcare, pregnancy and birthing services, emergency services, aged care services, family support services, and mental health services. The telephone number for emergency services is 000, but the ambulance services are not free. It also provides healthcare insurance that covers a range of healthcare services.

  • Education

Like the rest of Australia, public primary schools are fully funded by the government and provide free education. Moreover, there are multiple private schools where the fee schedule varies from $20,000 to $30,000 per year. 

Melbourne also has the world’s top-ranked universities, like the University of Melbourne, which is ranked at the 27th position in Global Best Universities. Other renowned universities include Monash University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Deakin University, and Victoria University. So even if you are moving to Melbourne to get higher education, stay sure that educational prospects are also bright there.

  • Food

The traditional food of Australia can be best enjoyed in Melbourne, with its iconic cafes and restaurants offering premium quality food. You can enjoy traditional Australian food like Lamb roast, meat pie, and gozleme, and also different cuisines from other parts of the world, e.g., Chinese and Vietnamese food like Banh Mi. Australian food is an incredible fusion of diverse flavors.

  • Events and sports

Melbourne is quite famous for its rich cultural and artistic heritage. Moomba festival, Melbourne International flower and garden show, and Melbourne International Comedy Festival are a few attractions for both residents and tourists. Melbourne is also a popular sports epicenter and hosts numerous grand sports events like the Australian Open and International Cricket world cups. Melbourne Cricket Ground is another landmark in Melbourne and will be an exciting place to visit if you like sports.

  • Beach life

Being at the border of the Tasman Sea and the Indian (Southern) Ocean, the coastline stretches to about 1045 miles of Melbourne. Moreover, Mornington Peninsula, West Gippsland, the Dandenong, and Macedon Ranges provide an exciting way to experience beach life and explore the ocean. There are also famous beach resorts that should not be missed while planning holidays and vacations. St Kilda pier and Brighton beach boxes are a few popular beach attractions in Melbourne.


Melbourne is an interesting place to live and explore. It provides multiple job options and educational opportunities, while the recreational places and events help you feel rejuvenated and energized to meet your goal. So start planning to pack up and move to your new home in Melbourne.


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