Today we will discuss the Peyton manning house details which is located in Englewood, Colorado (CO), US. Peyton Manning is a football star whose net worth is $ 250 million. Along with his NFL football career, he also makes money via endorsement deals with companies like Buick, DirecTV, and Papa Johns.

Peyton Manning was a member of the Indianapolis Colts and he used to live in Meridian Hills, IN. His father ‘Archie Manning’ was a well-known NFL quarterback and Peyton followed in his father’s footsteps. He was raised in New Orleans, where he played college football at the University of Tennessee. 

He spent 14 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts after being drafted by them in 1998. He also won the Super Bowl XLI championship and four league MVP honours. Regrettably, he underwent significant neck surgery in 2011, and as a result, he was no longer available for colts.

After some time, he joined the Denver Broncos, where he played for four seasons, won the 2013 Super Bowl, and received his fifth MVP award. He took retirement after that but he had a remarkable and successful football career. Let’s learn about where does Peyton manning live!

Where does Peyton Manning live?

Peyton Manning house is situated in Englewood, Colorado (CO), US, he bought this home in 2012 for $4.575 million. It covers 16,464 square feet and 3.4 acres and it features seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Peyton bought this luxurious home right after securing a deal with the Colorado team.

The Peyton manning house in Cherry Hills village also includes a wine cellar, billiards room, a separate media room, a beautiful balcony, an elevator, and a garage that has enough space for 7 cars. It also features a gorgeous kitchen, dining area, and lounge which has plenty of sitting room. 

This Georgian-style home’s lawn is large enough for family gatherings, and the garden is well-maintained. Usually, people living on 3.4 acres of land tend to have pools or hot tubs but in this Peyton manning house, there is no such thing which is quite surprising. The veranda and patio are at the front and the patio has a built-in grill.

Well-constructed walk-in closets made of cherry wood include an island in the middle. Large windows in the house’s bedrooms provide light into the interior spaces. For working from home, there are two offices and a study area.

Overall, the Peyton manning house is very luxurious and a dream house for many people. This two-story home has another veranda on the second floor and from the lounge, you will have a spectacular view of the garden. Have a look at the specifications of Peyton manning house below:

  • Number of Bedrooms: 7
  • Number of Bathrooms: 10
  • Area Covered: 16,464 square feet.
  • Price of Peyton manning house: $4.575 million.

What is the truth of Peyton Manning’s car wreck incident?

Now that you know where does Peyton manning live, you must have remembered the news of Peyton Manning’s car wreck incident from 2013, so let’s learn the truth here. Actually, it was fake news, according to the news channels, Peyton Manning met an accident in which he broke both of his legs, however, it turned out to be fake news.

This news was published by a site that is accused of publishing fake news, they try to tell the story in a very realistic manner. The details shared by them were quite shocking like Peyton was driving a 2012 BMW when a 76-year-old woman didn’t stop at the signal and the incident happened. 

When the fans of this NFL star heard the news, they got upset and started grieving on different social media platforms, however, it was a piece of fake news.

Wrapping Up:

where does peyton manning live


The NFL player Peyton manning bought a home in Cheryy hills, Colorado which is a luxurious property and all the details are shared above for the people interested in knowing everything about his house, especially his fans.

We tried to cover everything and we hope that you found this article interesting. Comment below to share your thoughts with us!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is Peyton mannings Denver house?

The Peyton manning house is situated in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, US. This house covers a 16,464-square-foot area which includes 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

How much did Peyton Manning’s house cost?

Peyton Manning bought this house for $4.575 million in 2012 right after securing a deal with the Colorado team. 

Who is the richest manning?

The richest manning is Eli Manning with a football salary of $252.3 million and considered the highest-earning NFL player in history.

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