Your fence is exposed to all kinds of harsh external conditions. In the absence of adequate protection, moisture will infiltrate the wood, leading to mold growth and, ultimately, causing it to weaken and deteriorate the wood. To safeguard your fence while enhancing its visual appeal, you have the option to either paint or stain it.

While both paint and stain can act as a barrier, slowing down your fence’s wear and tear, stain lasts much longer, requires less maintenance, and enhances the beauty of the wood rather than covering.

So, can you stain your fence yourself? While it’s possible to DIY, it’s not recommended for the following reasons:

1. Staining Tools and Products Can Be Expensive

Most people go for DIY when it comes to home renovation to save costs. DIY is often cheaper than hiring someone to do the work. However, with staining wood fences, doing it yourself may actually end up being more expensive in the long haul. 

While you have to buy everything from staining products to application tools and personal protective equipment, professionals already have everything needed to do the job. Unfortunately, all these tools and equipment become redundant once the job is over. So, going the DIY route may seem cheap initially, but it will be expensive in the long term.

2. You’re More Likely to Make Mistakes Before and During Application

Achieving a smooth and even application is not easy. The condition of the fence, along with the skills of the person applying, will dictate how well the results turn out. Every step of the application process matters. Also, before the staining process begins, adequate preparation must be done, including properly cleaning and repairing any damaged parts.

For these reasons, it’s very easy to make mistakes pre-application and during application that will affect the results you end up with. However, professionals like Stain Guys are adequately trained in fence staining and have tried and tested strategies to guarantee error-free results.

3. Staining Wood Fence Without Proper Skills or Gear Can Be Dangerous

Fence staining can actually be dangerous if you don’t have the necessary experience. That’s because the vapor that comes from the staining products can be toxic to humans. And if you don’t have the proper gear, you expose yourself to this hazard over the long hours you would take to complete the job. On top of the possible toxins you might breathe, there’s also the risk of injury from trips and falls associated with fence staining.

Fence staining is adequately prepared for the job. That means they’ll come with the proper safety gear, as well as the right tools and equipment for your staining project. On top of that, they’re insured, which means you don’t have to worry about liability in case of an accident.

So you don’t have to expose yourself to the hazards of the job. Once the stain is applied and dried, it’s completely harmless.

4. Your Finished Product May Not Look as Good or Last as Long

Not all fences are the same or even use the same staining products. Some fences are harder to stain than others. In general, however, staining is not the easiest DIY project and actually involves a bit of a learning curve.

Hence, if you’re trying it for the first time, the outcomes will, unfortunately, not be as great as you’d want. Regrettably, rectifying errors after completion can not only be challenging but also costly, potentially leaving you with a result that doesn’t bring you much satisfaction.

On top of that, while staining should typically last longer than paint, providing the protection your fence needs, if the job is not done correctly, it won’t give you the longevity you’re looking for. You’ll have to redo the staining much sooner.

Achieve the Best Fence Staining Results by Having a Professional Do It for You

Staining, no doubt, has greater advantages than painting. However, the actual job is a little tougher. So, unless you’re already an expert, you’re better off hiring professionals to do the job for you. It’s cheaper in the long run, as well as safer and faster, and gives you better results overall. More importantly, the protection will last you a couple of years.


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