When it comes to choosing a water pump, you have plenty from which to choose online. Therefore, making a selection can be a daunting task. However, you can make it easier on yourself by reviewing the features and choosing a pump that meets your specific criteria.

Water pumps are made to support a variety of applications. These applications may include sprinkling and irrigation, getting rid of flood waters, moving water from wells for home use, or pumping out water from basements during a heavy rain.

Introducing the EPA Certified Red Lion Water Pump Line

While you have a variety of pumps from which to choose, it is important to select a device that is EPA certified, as this reduces the carbon “footprint” of the pump and makes it more energy efficient. You can receive this benefit when you choose a brand pump such as a Red Lion water pump

When you choose a brand that is EPA certified, you can also get parts that meet these guidelines.  The Red Lion line features semi-trash water pumps – used for lawn and turf irrigation or pressure boosting applications.

You may also consider an aluminum water transfer pump. This basic pumping device is a great choice for construction site dewatering or liquid transfer applications

This pump makes heavy-duty water transport super simple, as it features a semi-open cast-iron impeller design along with lightweight aluminum housing. The pump features a suction lift of up to 25 feet as well.

If you want to prevent flooding or wish to remove a high volume of water, then you might be interested in Red Lion’s 1/3 HP dual cast iron sump pump. This device is a popular pump, and is an excellent installation for a crawl space or basement.

What Type of Water Do You Need to Pump?

It is important to not only choose the right brand but select a pump that is best for the job. If you choose the wrong pump, you simply won’t get your water distribution needs met. 

For instance, some pumps are better at pumping debris-littered water while others are geared to move oily or dirty water. If you don’t make these types of distinctions, the pump’s parts can become damaged over time.

Moving a Clear Water Supply

If your goal is to move a clear water supply, then you need to choose a centrifugal pump, or a water pump with narrow impeller vanes. 

Pumping Sandy or Muddy Water

However, if the water is slightly sandy or muddy, a semi-trash pump is the best option, as it will catch any debris that could clog the device. In this case, the excess litter should be no bigger than the size of a dime to prevent any pumping problems.

When choosing a brand, check out the Red Lion line of pumps before continuing your online search. Make choosing a pump easy by reviewing the devices featured under this brand first.

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David has been involved in the family owned business Ken’s Distribution Company for more than 10 years. He deals with residential and commercial water pumps. He is well knowledged in Clean water, Lawn & Irrigation, Sump, Effluent/ Sewage, Multi-purpose, Frame mount ,Engine drive, Centrifugal Pumps also CH&E Diaphragm pump. He specializes in water pumps and repair parts for Monarch water pumps, Franklin electric water pumps, Red Lion Products, Generac also know as CH&E or Magnum Diaphragm Pumps.


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