Situated in the heart of Seattle, Washington, Richard Hugo House stands as a vibrant literary hub. The house offers a sanctuary for writers and a thriving community for literary enthusiasts. Although the property never housed the famous poet, but this particular house was named after the renowned poet Richard Hugo.

Richard Hugo House in Seattle is a unique establishment that serves as a beacon of creativity, fostering artistic expression and celebrating the power of words as a literary arts centre.

In this article, we will explore the history, mission and impact of Richard Hugo Home on the literary landscape of Seattle. And while you are learning about the Seattle home, you can also have a look at Blueface house in Los Angeles.

The Legacy of Richard Hugo

The Legacy of Richard Hugo
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Richard Hugo (1923-1982), born Richard Franklin Hogan, was a prolific American poet and teacher who left his mark on the literary world. He was born in White Center, a neighborhood in Seattle. 

Richard Hugo’s work was deeply influenced by the Pacific Northwest’s rugged landscapes and the urban environment of Seattle. His poetry often explored themes of displacement, identity and the human experience.

His dedication to nurturing young writers and fostering creativity led to the establishment of the Richard Hugo House, a living testament to his passion for the written word.

Creation of Richard Hugo House

Richard Hugo House was founded in 1996 by Linda Jaech, Frances McCue and Andrea Lewis, several years after the passing of the poet himself.

The inception of the house was a collaborative effort by friends, colleagues and admirers of Richard Hugo who wished to create a space where writers could gather, learn and draw inspiration from each other. 

The House initially operated from an old, modest residence in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle and since then, it has grown in size and reputation.

A Haven for Writers

Richard Hugo House in Seattle is a haven for writers of all ages and backgrounds. The organization hosts various writing classes, workshops and readings, inviting established authors and emerging talents to share their knowledge and experiences. 

Whether it is poetry, fiction, non-fiction or playwriting, the House offers a supportive environment for writers and encourages them to hone their craft and find their unique voice.

Literary Events and Festivals

Richard Hugo House has significantly organised and hosted literary events and festivals that draw local and international attention.

From author readings and book launches to panel discussions, these events enrich the cultural fabric of Seattle, celebrating the city’s thriving and prospering literary scene.

Literary Events and Festivals
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Residency Program of Richard Hugo House in Seattle

Richard Hugo’s home in Seattle offers a residency program to further its support for writers, providing selected authors with the time and space to focus on their projects without distractions.

The program attracts writers worldwide, contributing to a dynamic literary community within the House’s walls.

The Extensive Library of Richard Hugo Home

Over the years, Richard Hugo Home has boasted a growing library of books for members and visitors to explore. The library’s diverse collection reflects the literary tastes and interests of the House’s patrons, making it a valuable resource for research, inspiration and leisurely reading.


Richard Hugo House shows the power of literature to connect individuals and communities. With its rich history, commitment to nurturing writers and dedication to community engagement, the House is a cherished landmark in Seattle, embodying the spirit of creativity and intellectual curiosity of Richard Hugo. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Richard Hugo House open to public?

Yes, the house is free and open to the public. The house even allows to host literary programs and live literature-inspired music festivals.

Q: Who is the new director of Hugo House?

Diana Delgado is the new Executive Director and the newest member of the organization. 


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