In the real-estate business, an open house is the easiest way to get a pool of potential buyers. Essentially, you allow potential buyers to inspect a home and make a bid depending on the market value and the conditions of the house. Therefore, your open house needs to meet their requirements and give you a good commission once the house has been sold. Alternatively, selling at auction is becoming increasingly popular. There are many benefits of selling at auction, including an increased chance of a sale, speed of sale, ease, and lower associated costs. There are also many benefits of selling your house through which include selling expenses, realtor costs and more.

So, what are customers looking for when they come to your open house? Knowing these will help you get more people into your open house. With that in mind, here are things your open house should sell. 

1. Well-maintained Interior

Well-maintained Interior


No one likes to walk into a home to find the interior looking like a dump. It would be disappointing for the potential buyers and bad business for you. Imagine the picture you’ll paint with those potential buyers when they walk into a messy room. How many people do you think will come to your next open house if word of such an incident is spread? 

Luckily, this is something that can be avoided. Before hosting an open house, you need to work with the owner to get the house in good shape. Have the walls repainted if they have any markings or the paint is peeling off. 

Get the kitchen plumbing working again if it is broken. Get the owner to replace anything that is broken in the kitchen so it’s appealing. With cabinets from a distinguished source like OPPOLIA, all you need to do is have them polished and they’ll be as good as new. 

Ensure the bedroom and bathroom interior doors work well, the lighting fixtures are okay. With a well-maintained interior, you are likely to get better offers. Moreover, there’s a chance the house will not be listed for long in the market. 

If the house is well maintained, get it cleaned before the open house. It’ll be much easier for people to walk around when they don’t need to cover their noses.  

2. Family Picture

Family Picture


If you are selling a family home during the open house, potential families need to see the practicality of their living there. How many rooms are there? Can they bring their kids along or will it be chaotic living in the home? No one wants to buy a family home that will not accommodate their needs. 

The idea of family varies from one person to another. That is why what is ideal for one family may be ideally unsuitable for the other.  Let your open house communicate with as many guests as possible. This will give you a considerable number of good bids that you can choose from. As such, you need to disclose things that are not working to the guests. This allows them to make the final decision with all the facts at hand. It also creates an honest interaction with the guests. 

3. Convenience



Most times, potential buyers are looking to make a purchase. However, they may end up not making the purchase due to inconvenience. This is mostly due to location. Where are you hosting the open house? Is the house located conveniently near their place of work where they can drop by during their break? Or do they need to drive over an hour to get there? 

Every house appeals to different kinds of people. Therefore, you need to advertise your open house to the right people. Understand what they need and make it convenient for them to locate the house with ease. Time matters are essential to most people. Make sure that the house is open a bit earlier than the said time so that clients that feel like dropping by earlier are not disappointed. 

4. Security



No one wants to buy a house in the wrong neighbourhood, or one where previous owners have direct access to the home. Well-fitted windows and door locks act as insurance. Though the latter should be changed immediately after ownership changes. 

Guests need to know how frequent the house has been broken into and the time it takes police officers to get there should such occur. Are there hidden safes or extra storage for valuables? Does the house have intelligent security systems installed

Many open houses will have a rundown of what the house has, what’s working and what needs to be fixed (if it had previous occupants). The details need to be attached to a pamphlet to give the guests an easier time while looking around the house. 

The Bottom Line

An open house will give you more potential buyers and a chance to sell slightly above the asking price. You need to pay attention to what potential buyers are looking for so you can have a more successful open house. Experiment with different ideas and see what gives you more people and better sales. 


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