The kids’ room is the perfect place to show your creative skills. One of the key elements in this room is the area rug. An area rug can be a layer of warmth and comfort for the child, especially when children spend a lot of time on the floor drawing, crawling, reading, and playing. 

Furthermore, it’s a great way to add color and pattern. Adding whimsical rugs in the kids’ area is the best advice we can give to you. Not only are these rugs fun and eye-catching, but they are also great for versatility and playfulness. 

Here are some tips on how to decorate the children’s room with area rugs.

Redecorate the Room

We often hear how parents are stressed about room redecoration, especially on a budget. Most of them are unaware they can complete the entire room design or make improvements on a modest budget. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to follow the latest trends. You just need proper guidance on how to redecorate the room. First of all, stick to one style and inspiration. You can have some inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram and implement some of the features in the interior decor you’ll like.

Consider the Child’s Age

When you start decorating your child’s room, immerse yourself in their world. Find out what they like and their preferences, habits, and hobbies. Rugs are an investment piece, so they need to suit the personality of their owner! 

Choose wool floor rug that is soft and plush, so it provides warmth when the child steps or sits on it. Aim for cotton or any other natural material, and make sure you find a rug that can be washed in a machine in case of any spills or accidents. 

Lastly, choose bold colors like vibrant red, green, or any other color that is your child’s favorite. By the time your child grows up and starts going to school, you can redecorate the room again and change the area rug. And in terms of patterns and colors, including letters, geometric shapes, or other items, include playfulness and cheerful features in the decoration.

Rugs With Bold Colors

As adults, we tend to choose beige or gray rugs. Or rugs with simple designs and patterns from the common pastel palette. However, kids appreciate bold colors on their floors. Since the colors stimulate their imagination and creativity, make sure you decorate their room in a fun and creative way. 

When picking the rug, go with a bold color to add cheerfulness and brighten up the space. Your child’s room will be your kid’s happy place, so they need to feel comfortable whenever they stay in their room.

Listen to Your Kid’s Preferences

Listen carefully to what your child wants. They will be those who will be spending time in the room, so the final decision needs to be in accordance with their needs. If your child is a baby and you can’t ask for their opinion, go with a themed rug. If you are unsure what your child wants, a whimsical or a jute rug is the real deal. Most children like colorful rugs, so you’ll never go wrong with them. 

Check Rug Properties

Before you make the purchase, make sure you check the rug properties on the rug tag. Natural materials like wool, jute, or cotton are safer and better to use. Also, a rug that’s water-resistant and washable in a machine is the best option. 

Choose the Design

Choose the Design

Whimsical and playful designs are the best choice for the kids’ room. The rug area gives the floors a character and balances the color scheme. Since rugs make a statement in the child’s room, make sure you do not throw just anything in their room. 

Be careful with the details and take your time to choose an exciting design that appeals to your child. And it needs to match the room decor, the wallpaper, and the wall paint. 

Layering Rugs

Layering rugs is a common design for many rooms in the house. Furthermore, it’s something you can do for your kids’ room as well. Layering adds a more-detailed and curated scent to the floors and makes the room more comfortable and warmer. When layering different rugs, make sure they are put safely on the floor, and there are no edges where kids can trip over. This way, the room will look more elegant and creates a warm layer on the floor.

Be Creative

In the end, use your imagination and creativity to blend all of the items. You can use something unusual or unconventional, or go with a more traditional rug and decor details. It’s all up to you!


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