You meticulously select every single piece of décor that goes into your interior spaces to ensure they work perfectly in concert to create your visionary aesthetic. Yet, there are some components of your rooms that are necessary due to their function — like the ceiling fan. How are you supposed to design a beautiful space while keeping the ceiling fan in place? Read on to find out.

Know Why Ceiling Fans Matter

Many homeowners who are laser-focused on design and aesthetics are immensely tempted to rip out their ceiling fan and replace it with a more attractive light fixture, but this would be a terrible mistake. Ceiling fans provide a valuable service to your home. During the hot months, they can lower the feeling of the temperature of your indoor spaces by up to four degrees Fahrenheit, and in the cold months, they can redistribute the warm air in your rooms to move the hot air toward your body. Throughout the year, ceiling fans make your HVAC system more efficient, which reduces your overall energy expenditure — giving you a higher budget to spend on interior décor.

If your ceiling fan clashes with your interior design, you should consider ways you might alter it to better fit your aesthetic. Many fans allow you to swap out blades and light kits for other models available from the same brand. You might also consider painting your ceiling fan — though you should be careful to apply only thin layers of paint to ensure proper balance. Additionally, before you attempt any DIY, you should disconnect the fan from power and protect the delicate inner workings of the motor.

Then again, if there is nothing to be done to save your current ceiling fan — or if your home currently lacks a ceiling fan — you may need to buy a new make and model. Here are a few tips to help you choose a fan that will satisfy your desires for a cohesive interior look:

Choose a Ceiling Fan that Blends In

Choose a Ceiling Fan that Blends In

For most interior design styles, the best solution for integrating a ceiling fan is to hide the ceiling fan on the ceiling. To that end, you might select a simple fan that matches the color of your ceilings. This tactic works especially well if you have high ceilings painted in a white or light color, as white or light-colored ceiling fans will not interrupt the eyeline and thus most visitors to your home will not notice the fan in your space — except that they might feel more comfortable thanks to its functionality.

Invest in Statement Ceiling Fans

Alternatively, if you ascribe to an interior aesthetic that is loud and busy, like maximalism or eclecticism, you might find a way to make your ceiling fans stand out. There are more than a few makes and models of ceiling fan that feature interesting and unique designs that are sure to grab viewers’ attention. You might search for unconventional blade shapes, bold colors, eye-catching light fixtures and more. However, before you invest in a statement ceiling fan, you should read reviews to ascertain that the unusual design offers efficient functionality. After all, if your ceiling fan does not work as intended, it might as well not be in your space at all.

Avoid Fans With Light Kits

Most interior design experts loathe the vast majority of overhead lighting. Light cast from the ceiling tends to produce harsh shadows on the face, which makes most people look less than attractive. What’s more, bright overhead light can trigger migraines and interfere with the body’s natural circadian rhythms resulting in other ill health effects.

If your fan already has a light kit installed, you should try to ignore those overhead lights and instead use illumination closer to eye level. However, if your ceiling fan is the only light fixture in the room, you can soften the impact of overhead lighting by installing dimmable LED bulbs with a warmer color tone, which is less impactful on mental and physical health — which could lower your life insurance costs.

Your ceiling fans are not the enemy of your interior design — but they can be a challenge. By thinking critically about your interior aesthetic and putting functional home fixtures as a priority, you can find ways to seamlessly integrate your ceiling fan into your interior style.


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