When a homeowner has been living in the same house for many years, they can often forget what makes their home special or they might think it is time for a change that can renew their interest in the property and make coming home an exciting treat again. Here are some tips if you are planning a house remodel and are looking for a list to make the transition easier.

Protect Valuables Of All Kinds 

When a house is being remodeled, not only is there some expected construction mess, but there are also going to be a lot of people going in and out of the house so you need to ensure your valuables and fragile items are out of the way. Hire a storage area or move your fragile, breakable items and appliances out of the house for the interim period. If you are only remodeling parts of the home like the kitchen and the bathroom, you will still need to make room for contractor equipment and supplies and make a trail with plastic laid down for sub-contractors to go to and fro from the house. 

In most home remodels, walls are being painted so ensure you protect windows and power sockets by layering them with canvas tape and lay down plastic to prevent staining of the floor. Removing curtains and wall art is essential to give the painters a clean canvas to work from. Account for the dust that arises from any home remodeling job whether it is changing out the tiles or even scraping the old paint off the walls so it is better not to leave any object there that could get damaged or ruined during the process.

Arrive At Decisions Slowly 

When you first start out planning your home remodel you may be keen to follow the latest trends or might have incompatible colors, textures or patterns in mind. Take some time to evaluate a mostly empty space and consult a good interior designer who specializes in the design era that most inspires you such as modern or minimalistic and so forth. It is not necessary to spend extra to replace everything as many items like furniture pieces can be upcycled and improved to give a different look. Many fashionable styles nowadays are about recycled or reclaimed materials being used to renovate homes. 

Furthermore, make a comprehensive floorplan, blueprint and list before you start renovating so you have an exact idea of how the entire vibe of the home will come together. Many aspects like wall paint colors or tiles are difficult and costly to change again if they are found to be incompatible with the entire look. Arrive at major decisions after much research and consultation with interior designers and online sources like Instagram and Pinterest and architectural blogs.

A Key Lockbox For Convenience 

You will need to temporarily move out of your house if you are remodeling or may be confined to a portion of it as contractors and sub-contractors work on another part of the house. Invest in a key lockbox so your contractor and his workers can access your house in your absence without anyone else being able to enter. This will enable the remodeling process to be carried out with less hassle than if you are constantly worried about security threats like trespassers. Try to get a pin code activated lockbox for added security detailing and buy a less expensive Wi-Fi camera so you always know who enters or exits your house.

Be Prepared For The Unforeseen 

No home remodeling is carried out seamlessly even if you have a larger budget to work with. Be prepared for lost days or some material or idea not working out once it is incorporated and be ready to compromise on certain design elements as they may only work on paper. Adjusting to the design such as in the bathroom remodeling you are doing, to balance out your lifestyle requirements with hobbies and passions is a major part of a successful remodel. 

You never want to invest in a design concept that has little relevance to your day to day life or will cost too much to clean or maintain such as a brass tub for example. Similarly, white walls and wooden floors may be absolutely beautiful and aesthetic in pictures and on paper but completely impractical if you have a few young kids that are interested in artwork and sports.


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