It was always the intention of the Chrisleys to live a luxury lifestyle in their suburban Nashville house. According to the visual evidence, the residences of real estate magnates are every bit as lavish as their portrayals in the media. The Chrisley Knows Best stars originally paid $3.4 million for their home in Brentwood, Tennessee, in 2019, but after making some upgrades, they were able to sell it for $4.75 million.

This magnificent home in the European style spans 13,279 square feet and has ten bathrooms and six bedrooms. It is situated over an acre of beautifully landscaped grounds. The formal dining room and the study exude an air of formality owing to the use of historic wallpaper and finishes designed specifically for those rooms.

The property has a cedar closet with an extra washing and dryer, making it convenient for storing clothes during the off-season. In addition, there is a dry bar, an indoor sports court, four fireplaces, and an eight-car garage. We can find all of these features in the property. As a final touch to the rich experience, an infinity pool can be used either inside or outside, as well as a hot tub lined with stone tiles.

About his lavish mansion

The Chrisleys decided to sell their wonderful home despite the allegations against them, even though the property was in excellent condition. In August of this year, an indictment was handed out against them, charging them with tax evasion and conspiracy as well as bank and wire fraud, respectively. They refuted the accusations that were made against them.

According to the online documentation, the estate was put up for sale on many occasions until ultimately being taken off the market in May 2020. According to the information available in the public domain, their price decreased after two months. It seems that the pair continues to be listed as the owners of the property in official documents. Because COVID-19 was present, they couldn’t have their hearing in the federal court. Thus it was postponed.

Where does Chrisley live

In addition to Todd Chrisley House, which consists of six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and ten fireplaces, Todd Chrisley House’s total floor space is approximately 13,000 square feet, making Todd Chrisley House one of the largest homes in the region. 2013 was the year of completion, and 2019 marked the year when the Chrisley family took ownership. This article also includes the Todd Chrisley address.

During the substantial restoration, only the highest quality materials and fixtures were employed in transforming the home. A study that has been completed in fumed wood and wallpaper of Todd Chrisley House that has been hand-painted are also different characteristics that we can find here.

In addition to Todd Chrisley House, the remainder of the home and the kitchen have subzero refrigerators and freezers. In addition, a sports field is available in Todd Chrisley House for use on the premises.

In addition, there is a gorgeous pool, a fireplace, and a substantial amount of space in the rear that may be utilized for hosting visitors and other gatherings. Chrisley calls the town of Brentwood in the state of Tennessee her home. Todd Chrisley address tells that Brentwood is a suburb of Nashville in Williamson County. In addition, there are now 45,373 people calling that location their home.

Specifications of Chrisley house

The asking price for his residence is $5,687,200, with six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, 13,279 square feet of floor area, and ten parking places. There is an estimate that Todd Chrisley House is worth $5 million in the current day, and the address of his home, 37027 Exton Ln in Brentwood, Tennessee, can be located in the zip code for that city.

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