Decorating a rental space can be tricky, especially when you’re a tenant. While you wait to make updates that personalize your space and feel like home, living on someone else’s property has restrictions. Most property owners investing in real estate are hesitant to allow renters to make significant changes to their rentals. However, with the right tricks, you can still spruce up your rental without crossing your landlord. 

Do you wonder what tenant-friendly upgrades you can make to your house? Or which home improvements are least likely to break your lease? This article answers these questions and more on the top 5 living room features that add value to a rental home. 

Top 5 Living Room Features that Add Value to a Rental Home

Experiment with an Open Floor Plan

Opt for a more modern look by switching to an open floor plan. If you keep up with interior design trends, you’ll know that this layout is quickly becoming popular. It’s incredibly trendy amongst tenants striving for a minimalist look. Besides, it can also give your living room the illusion of looking more expansive. 

Simple tricks to expand your living area include using furniture to section off individual spaces. In addition, you can rearrange your chairs, tables, and other features to isolate specific areas. For example, you can turn your sofa away from the dining area to indicate a division between the family and the dining area. You can add other accessories like potted plants and room dividers to further define each space.

Include More Storage Space

Another feature that could add value to your rental home is to include more storage space. Often, rentals lack enough space, and tenants have to store their belongings in the open. As a result, your home might look cluttered and disorganized. However, you can still make up for the lack of closet space.

Shelves and cabinets are some of the easiest ways to create more storage. Modular furniture is handy because you can expand, collapse, and modify different parts to make whatever space you want. Besides, shelves also give you room to keep your photos and artwork. You don’t have to risk losing your security deposit by putting nails on the wall. You may consider getting a consult with Bay Property Management Group Baltimore for tips on creating a functional living room.

Install Better Lighting

Lighting is a cost-effective solution to spruce up your living room without breaking your lease. Light your home with LED energy-efficient bulbs that last longer and use less electricity. In addition, you don’t have to limit yourself to ceiling lights; you can also leverage other sources.

For example, a floor or desk lamp would be great for specific task-oriented chores. In that case, you would have to be particular about the positioning. You can also opt for string lights to create a cozier mood. 

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint could make your home look brand new. Adding another layer to your walls hides old blemishes, spoiling its beauty and making the room look tidier. But, of course, it also allows you to paint the walls a different color. While most landlords have to stay neutral for a general appeal, you have no such obligations. Thus, you can experiment with a calming blue, bubbly yellow, or earthy green. But, of course, it all depends on you. 

However, if the property owner has a rule against repainting, you can still work around it. Instead, opt for a temporary wallpaper that is easy to stick and peel off when moving away. You can order these online or buy them at your local hardware store. The best part about stick-on wallpapers is that they come in multiple designs and colors. 

Switch up Your Flooring

Finally, transform your living space with new flooring. If your landlord is okay with it, ask them about the possibility of switching to hardwood floors. Wooden flooring has a more elegant look and is also low maintenance. If you already have wood floors that are worn out, you could refinish them with a floor buffer. 

Although, a less stressful option would be to spruce up your space with a rug or a carpet. This piece could be a good addition if you live in an area with lower temperatures. Rugs are often warmer to the feet and could be perfect for family time during the winter. 


We hope these top 5 living room features add value to a rental home and give you some ideas. Whether staying for a couple of months or indefinitely, you should feel at home. With these simple tricks, you can make your rental home without breaking your lease. 

You’ll be surprised how more storage space, a new floor plan, and bright lighting can transform your living area. Also, if your landlord is okay with it, you can change the flooring and repaint the entire room. Of course, before making any drastic changes, you should talk to your landlord. If unavailable, communicate with the property manager before making any moves. 


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