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Travis Kelce House: The Kansas Apartment!

travis kelce house

Travis Kelce is a tight end with the body of a wide receiver. The storied Kansas City Chiefs player never stops thinking of innovative ways to elevate the role. Since his second season in the NFL, Kelce has been the Kansas City Chiefs’ top receiving option. He has subsequently been amassing trophies and records as a result of his outstanding on-field achievements. 

travis kelce house

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Over the past five years, Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, the starting quarterback for the Chiefs, have produced a reliable one-two punch. They triumphed in the 2019 NFL Super Bowl together as the Chiefs. So it makes sense that the best tight end of the last five years would be living the high life. Here, we’ll look at Travis Kelce’s real estate holdings, including the Travis Kelce house and his current NFL season performance as a tight end. 

Travis Kelce House: What Do We Comprehend About It? 

Travis Kelce is reportedly living a wealthy lifestyle in a high-end residential building in Kansas City, despite the fact that the monthly rent for the most expensive unit is still only $3,400. Power and Light is an affluent neighborhood, and these residences, which were constructed in 2015 and are known as One Light Luxury, can be found there. 

The location is ideal for visiting local restaurants, stores, performance venues, and nightlife events due to the building’s 25 stories and central location in the heart of downtown Kansas City. In addition, residents have easy access to the food shop and can take advantage of the concierge services that have been carefully selected. Kelce, who is now 31 years old, has been a resident of the house since 2018. 

Highlighting the Remarkable Features of the Travis Kelce House 

All of the high-rise apartments in the glass and steel building have been constructed with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the Kansas City cityscape. In August, Kelce re-upped his commitment to the Kansas City Chiefs by signing a new contract worth $57 million over four years. Kelce said in a heartfelt letter that he had purchased a facility in order to provide inner-city students from Kansas City with a location to pursue STEM programs.  

The letter followed the signing of his new contract. Kelce was a part of the team that defeated the San Francisco 49ers and won Super Bowl LIV in 2017. Kayla Nicole, the woman he is dating, really wants them to win the Super Bowl again. The year 2017 marked the beginning of rumors linking Nicole and Kelce. Kelce said in December that the two of them were back together, despite the fact that they had broken up over the summer. 

What Sort of Amenities Are Available At the Travis Kelce House? 

A complimentary membership to One life Fitness club is included, in addition to free internet services provided by Google Fiber and a swimming pool located on the roof of the Travis Kelce house

In addition to this, there is a demonstration kitchen and a club area with a wrap-around balcony, fireplace sofas, and direct access to the garage on the fourth floor of the structure. 

Does Travis Own Any Other Property Apart from the Travis Kelce House? 

In addition to the opulent apartment that serves as Kelce’s primary residence during the NFL season, the tight end also owns another piece of real estate. His other residence is situated in one of Kansas City’s surrounding suburbs.  

The home features a huge basement, a separate den that can be made use of as an office, a pool with a jacuzzi, a fitness arena with cutting-edge exercise equipment, and a separate den. Since 2013, Travis has been the owner of this home, and he continually makes upgrades and enhancements to the property. 


Is Travis Kelce a Religious Person? 

After confirming that he was brought up in a Christian household, Travis decided to bolt away. 

Which Player is the Oldest in the NFL At the Present Moment? 

It is commonly known that Tom Brady, the oldest NFL player for the 2022 season, is 45 years old and that the Buccaneers’ average roster age is the highest in the league. 

Final Verdict 

Football players are known to spend the majority of the NFL season traveling, which means they only spend a few months at home. This is also true of the Kansas City Chiefs, who really value Travis Kelce as a member of their team. 

Kelce resides in a high-end apartment complex in Kansas City that costs, at its most expensive, just $3,400 per month. His home is in One Light Luxury, which is situated in the posh Power and Light neighborhood. 

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