Are you tired of looking at the same things every day in your home? Do you wish that you could refresh the interiors so that they felt more interesting or comfortable to live in? Are you getting ready to sell and want to add features that will wow potential buyers? 

Many homeowners take matters into their own hands when their house starts to feel stale. Maybe they need some functional upgrades to adjust to their changing lifestyle or they love hosting and want to make a change that their guests will love. No matter the reason for wanting a change, there are almost endless possibilities for the type of project you could undertake.

A home addition is an excellent way to increase the living space in your home. Whether you need extra space for a growing family, a new office, or a home theater, an addition can provide you with the extra space you need. You can refer to to discover a wide range of beautiful home addition design ideas, and styles. With careful planning, you can add a home addition and still maintain the original character of your home.

If you really want to level up the experience of your home, it may be time to consider adding a unique feature. Rather than run-of-the-mill renovations that most homeowners will attempt during their lifetimes, adding a unique feature can make your space stand out from the rest. Check out these ideas for adding a unique element that will excite you, wow your guests, and entice potential buyers if you plan to sell.

Enclose an Outdoor Living Space with a Pergola

Outdoor living spaces are all the rage these days. Spending time outside is proven to be beneficial for mental health, and with people spending more time at home than ever before, the need for additional space to hang out is crucial. But just having a deck or patio with some furniture may not be enough.

If you want to enhance the space and make it feel cozier, a pergola is the perfect solution. This structure can enclose the area, making it feel more private, without sacrificing the atmosphere of being outside.

You can hang plants from the rafters or even grow something that will wind around the frame of the pergola. This upgrade is a beautiful feature that will completely shift how the outside of your home can be experienced. 

Unique Electrical Upgrades

Energy efficiency is a major selling point for many buyers who want to save on utilities and reduce their carbon footprint. Making unique electrical upgrades to your home can entice these buyers and make your house stand out from the rest.

Maybe you could install an electric vehicle charging station in the garage or by the driveway. LED lights throughout your home can be aesthetically pleasing while also reducing waste from regular bulbs and saving on electricity.

Baseboard outlets are a great feature to add that can make cords for your appliances less visible throughout your home. These electrical upgrades are unique changes that can boost the aesthetics and energy efficiency of the house.

Home Elevators

Have you ever considered installing a home elevator to allow people in your home to circumvent the stairs? Unless you have elderly relatives or someone with physical disabilities living with you, then you probably have not thought about this.

In-home elevators are an extremely unique part of the home, and some models do not take up as much square footage as you would expect. It can be a really fun way to move between floors, but it is also functionally helpful in making the entire home accessible for more people.

If you are looking to sell your home in the future, an elevator could entice a buyer who struggles with stairs, making them pay top dollar for your property to have this luxury for their new home. 

Water Feature

If you want to catch the eye of passersby or have an outdoor element to impress your guests, then you can hardly go wrong with a beautiful water feature. There are many possibilities for types of water features that will elevate your landscaping plan, including garden creeks, koi ponds, outdoor showers, waterfalls, or fountains.

This feature can serve as the centerpiece of your backyard and create a beautiful atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable. Water features also bring a dynamic characteristic to the space. If you are creative, you can even find a way to incorporate this type of element inside your home, though it may be more limited in scope and you will need sufficient space to do so.

Refresh Your Home with Unique Upgrades

A change is as good as a rest. Home improvement projects have a way of bringing personal satisfaction that few other activities can accomplish.

There is a tangible result for your to enjoy, many steps along the way, and a level of personal achievement that went into creating the finished product. When that project is a unique feature that is not commonly found in other homes, it is an element that you can be proud to show off to others.

The best part of this type of upgrade, however, is that you get to enjoy it yourself. Your home will have a fresh atmosphere after a noticeable change like the ones listed above, renewing your own experience of the property. 


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