It doesn’t take much work to spruce up the exterior of your house. So why put off making changes until something chips, breaks or rots? Your house’s exterior can be improved with little effort.

You shouldn’t wait until you have a “For Sale” sign in your front yard to think about making investments that will raise the value of the curb appeal of your property.

In addition to boosting the value of your home, updating the exterior with new accents like a few hanging plants or a couple of new deck chairs may also make you feel exhilarated each time you approach the driveway.

Here are some fantastic ideas to get you started on enhancing the curb appeal of your property.

Declutter and Repair 

In the same way that it’s important to tidy your home regularly, it’s a good idea to review your front porch and yard and take the necessary measures.  Begin by removing any decorative items that are either beyond repair or do not fit your desired aesthetic.

Check your front porch as well, making a note of anything that needs to be fixed. For example, a window frame that has to be repaired, a door hinge that needs to be tightened, or a hand railing that is broken, etc. 

You may also want to use the opportunity to clean surfaces, remove cobwebs, and sweep the floor. These minor housekeeping modifications may make a significant difference in the look and feel of your house.  

Upgrade the Letterbox

Upgrade the Letterbox

It could be time to repair your letterbox if it is faded or otherwise damaged. Even though it’s a small effort, it can help your home’s curb appeal overall.

You will have the opportunity to select a design that goes well with the current look and feel of your property if you decide to upgrade your letterbox.

People rarely update their mailboxes, which frequently results in an outdated letterbox design that contrasts with the rest of the building’s characteristics or the landscaping. That said, when choosing a style of the mailbox for your home take into consideration the architectural style of your residence. 

Typically, your selection should blend in with the design of your house. For instance, letterboxes in shades like bronze, black, and white will evoke that period of architecture if your property has classic architecture.

But if your home has a more modern or contemporary look, then modern residential mailboxes like parcel pillar letterboxes will be a better option. 

In addition to adding to the look of your modern house, a parcel pillar letterbox will also add convenience and security to your mail delivery.

With these kinds of mailboxes, parcels are delivered through a parcel chute. When the courier closes the door, the parcel is guided down into the lower compartment by the anti-theft floor. 

Due to the innovative mechanism of the anti-theft floor, no one can access your parcel in the lower compartment when they open the parcel chute door. You can retrieve your mail and goods through the back door via a key lock mechanism. 

To increase both your mailbox and your home’s curb appeal even more, consider making strategic landscape upgrades around it.

You could plant low-growing evergreen shrubs around the base, for example, or any other type of plant you want, as long as the varieties are small enough not to interfere with the box’s accessibility. 

Change Out Your House Numbers for Bold, Big Ones

It’s so simple to change out your house numbers, yet it can make a significant difference. The numbers you choose should reflect the design of your home — a clean sans serif font for a modern home, hand-painted tiles for a cottage, weathered copper for a Prairie-style home, and so on.

Refresh Your Front Door Colour

Refresh Your Front Door Colour

Repainting your front door in a beautiful colour can instantly refresh your home. Plus, it’s an easy DIY project that doesn’t take a significant financial investment.

If you’re a conservative person, you may want to go for a historically appropriate colour for the location or neighbourhood, such as charcoal green or a soft coastal blue.

But if you want to try something fun, or are looking to add a splash of colour to your house’s exterior, then choose a bold colour like bright red or yellow to make it stand out without being too garish. This low-cost project can be completed in a matter of hours for a quick increase in curb appeal. 

Let Your House Be Seen

When it comes to curb appeal, having too many plants is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. Let the architecture speak for itself. Allow the foundation to show; this will give the house a sense of presence. 

Boxwood plants are good options to consider. Create groups at the corners to add structure, but avoid blocking the base. To fill in the gaps, you can use grass or a short ground cover (no taller than 15cm) that runs up to the foundation.

Add Feature Lighting

Add Feature Lighting

There are many outdoor lighting ideas that you can use to improve your house’s curb appeal. You can install low-voltage landscape lighting, add accent lights to your trees, and illuminate a route for walking. 

You can create the best landscape lighting by combining a variety of fixtures and bulbs. If you are unable to install lighting that requires wiring, consider using solar fixtures. Solar patio lighting is affordable and easy to install.

Add Outdoor Art

Nothing can add liveliness and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space quite like weather-resistant art. Select pieces that complement your property’s outside features and natural colour scheme. You can employ a variety of outdoor art forms, such as birdbaths, metal cutouts, sculptures, and wind chimes.

Water sculptures can also be used to decorate the yard, and the soothing bubbling sounds will help you feel cooler on warm days. Put fountains on level ground in well-lit, audible locations.

Design a Pretty Pathway

A slightly curved walkway lends quirkiness to a home, making it feel one-of-a-kind. If rerouting the walkway isn’t an option, use aged materials like reclaimed brick pavers or well-worn stone. To give your pathway an aged appearance, you can use plain concrete combined with elements such as limestone chips and pea gravel.


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