Skylights can do wonders for a room or any space. Not only do they provide natural light and improve ventilation, but they also add to the design aesthetics. Skylight décor has come a long way over the years and there are now some creative ideas available that will transform any residential area into something special.

If you’ve recently installed a skylight in your home, you are probably looking for ways to make it stand out and ensure it complements the look of the room. There are lots of traditional ways to decorate a skylight installation, but what if you want something more unique?

Whether it’s your bedroom or the kitchen, adding unique décor to your skylight is an excellent way to give it a distinctive look. To help you get started on this project, here are six innovative ideas on how to decorate your skylight.

Add LED Lights Around the Rim

Adding LED lights around the rim of a skylight is an easy and affordable way to create a dramatic, ambient effect that brings a unique element to any room.

This effect can be achieved by placing battery-powered LED lights around the edges of the skylight frame or nearby window trim. These LEDs help to accentuate the natural beauty of light streaming in through the skylight. 

Furthermore, the LEDs can be switched on at night when there is no sunlight shining through the ceiling. Depending on the shape of your skylight you’ll either have a ring, rectangle or square LEDs making an interesting pattern on your ceiling. 

Faux Stained Glass Covers 

The benefit of custom skylights is that you can have them made in a way that complements the look and feel of a room. Additionally, you can add extras to your skylight after it’s installed such as faux stained glass covers. 

These faux stained glass sheets are typically used for standard windows. It’s a sheet of plastic or vinyl that has various shapes and colours on the surface. The sheet has an adhesive that allows you to stick it to a glass surface such as a skylight. 

When the sun shines through the skylight it will create colourful patterns on your floors and walls. These lightweight and decorative pieces come in various shapes and sizes so you can find one that best fits your home’s style and décor. Plus, they offer an easy installation process so you can enjoy your enhanced skylight without any hassle.

Colour Tints 

Skylight colour filters are similar to faux stained glass sheets but they come in solid colours. Some skylights come with tints already applied to the glass. These tints help minimise excessive sunlight streaming through the ceiling. It’s also an excellent barrier against damaging UV radiation. 

But, if you want something unique you can apply removable tinted sheets on your skylight in colours such as red, purple, pink, green and yellow. When the sun shines through your window the room will be lit up in the colour of the tint. This makes for a unique effect in bedrooms or passageways especially if you have white walls. 

Paint the Rim with Patterns 

Designing your skylight with paint can be an easy and fun way to make your ceiling more interesting. By painting the rim of the skylight in various patterns and designs, you can add new colours and textures to the room. 

Choose vibrant shades for a bold look, or opt for softer shades for a calmer vibe. Painting your skylight rim in tribal or geometric patterns can bring great visual interest to a room especially if you’ve opted for minimalistic interior décor. 

Hang Plants from Your Skylight 

Hang plants from your skylight for a beautiful and lush addition to your indoor space. Skylights allow for natural light to enter the room, making a perfect environment for growing flowers, foliage, or even succulents. 

A bit of sturdy rope or fishing line is all you need to securely suspend hanging baskets of greenery from your ceiling. Unique and creative plant containers will become a focal point in any room when suspended from above. Plus, it’s sure to put a smile on your face as you’re making more living greenspace in your home.

Hang Colourful Paper Lanterns 

Hang colourful paper lanterns from your skylight for a beautiful, ambient lighting effect in any room. These gorgeous and unique decorations add a touch of brightness with little effort because they are easy to install and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. 

Incorporate paper lanterns into your design scheme by mixing various prints and patterns or pick one single shade that can be used throughout the entire house. If you add glitter to your paper lanterns, it will look like you have stars twinkling every time the sun shines on them!

Final Thoughts 

No matter what style you prefer or the sizes and shapes of your skylight, these 6 unique ways to decorate it are sure to help give your home that special touch. With these tips, you can easily find a way to make your skylight the centrepiece of your home’s décor.


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