As the place where your life is based, your home must be kept secure. Many people need to be made aware of how insecure their properties are and how a lack of routine maintenance further exacerbates the problem. As a result, there are many ways to improve home security and protect your property from unwanted attention.

General Maintenance

Giving your property routine attention is one of the best ways to ensure its ongoing security. Keeping up with general maintenance lets you identify any damage that has happened and fix it promptly. Loose fence boards mightn’t seem urgent, but they could grant someone unmonitored access. Similarly, repairing broken door and window latches will remove the ability to enter the building undetected.

Engage A Locksmith

Locking yourself out of the house or car is annoying; if it happens, calling a locksmith from American Best Locksmith, Philadelphia, PA, is the smart move. Rather than further compromising the security of the building or vehicle by breaking a window, a locksmith will get you in without such damage. And if required, they can replace the lock immediately and issue you the new keys. 

When moving into a new home, consider having a locksmith replace the locks so you are sure you have the only sets of keys.

Install Lights and Cameras

Lights and cameras are an excellent, low keyway to make your home or business more secure. Lighting up an area is an effective deterrent to would-be trespassers as it ensures there’s nowhere for them to hide. Cameras add an extra deterrent while capturing anyone unfazed by the lighting. 

Motion-activated lights reduce the impact of light pollution, while ambient lighting provides security and a pleasant atmosphere for the inhabitants.

Garage Access

Garages are an excellent addition to a home, providing a safe place to park a vehicle and additional storage. Maintaining the heavy garage door is crucial to the security of the items within, and if there’s internal house access, the whole home. Regularly check that the moving components of the door are in good condition and free of debris. As needed, grease the runners and replace the spring to ensure the door continues functioning and locking correctly. This maintenance reduces the possibility of failure, leading to the garage being insecure. 

Cyber Security

Home security inside is equally important, and having the Wi-Fi locked down is an essential part of this. We keep a lot of sensitive information online these days, and unscrupulous people look for weaknesses they can exploit to steal that information. Putting a secure password on the home Wi-Fi and using a firewall are the simplest ways to stop hackers from accessing your electronic data. Practicing good cyber security habits, such as strong passwords and being vigilant of suspicious-looking emails and downloads, furthers this.

Improving home security needn’t mean taking drastic measures. Keeping on top of maintenance, installing lighting, and being mindful of cyber security are fantastic ways to protect your home and belongings.


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