Selling a home can be a stressful and challenging process for homeowners. Determining the right asking price, preparing the property, and finding qualified buyers often take much more time and effort than initially expected.

However, with careful planning and smart marketing, you can shorten the sales cycle and sell your home swiftly. This article discusses 9 effective tips to sell your house fast.

Price It Right

Pricing your home correctly from the outset is key to selling it quickly. Conduct thorough research to estimate the fair market value.

Review recent comparable sales in your neighborhood, taking into account location, square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, upgrades, and other features. Consult real estate sites, agents, and appraisers to get an accurate price range. 

Overpricing above the market value will deter buyers, while underpricing leaves money on the table that you could have gotten.

Set the asking price competitively based on market data and current conditions. You can start slightly above market value but be open to reasonable offers. Re-evaluate and adjust the price every 2-3 weeks if needed.

Highlight Upgrades

Thoroughly highlight any renovations, systems upgrades, or improvements you have made to the home in the online and print listing descriptions.

Tout finished basements, upgraded electrical systems, new roofs, updated kitchens and bathrooms, refinished hardwood floors, energy efficiency measures like solar panels, etc. 

If you’ve had roofing work done by a reputable firm like Dr. Roof Inc home roofing company, make sure to mention it. Quality roofing improvements can greatly enhance the value and appeal of your home.

Back up these claims with receipts, invoices, and paperwork documenting the upgrades. Many buyers perceive upgrades and improvements as added value that justifies a higher asking price for your home, making it more enticing compared to older and dated homes. 

Market Aggressively

A proactive marketing strategy is integral to reaching qualified buyers in your area. Hire a seasoned real estate agent to promote the listing aggressively online across MLS sites, their website, social media platforms, and other advertising channels. Request referrals from your agent to tap into their network. 

Hold open houses to increase foot traffic – consider doing them on weekends for maximum turnout. Place ‘For Sale’ signs and flyers around the neighborhood and nearby high-traffic areas. Run online and print ads in local classifieds and real estate magazines. The more exposure your listing gets, the faster it will attract interested buyers.

Be Flexible With Showings

As the seller, accommodate buyer requests for showings whenever feasible. Restricting showing times severely limits the visibility and appeal of your listing in the real estate market. Keep the home in clean, ready-to-show condition at all times.

Consider doing virtual video tours as well if in-person showings are difficult to coordinate due to your schedule. The more buyers that can view your home in person or virtually, the faster you are likely to receive an attractive offer. Avoid turning down showing requests unless absolutely unavoidable.

When possible, adapt to buyers’ scheduling needs and make the home accessible. Understand that potential buyers are taking time out of busy work and family lives to view your property.

Extend showing hours into evenings and weekends when more buyers are available. If your schedule is tight, speak with your agent about lockbox options for more flexibility. The priority is maximizing showings to sell the home quickly.

Offer Incentives

Offering buyer incentives can make your listing stand out as more attractive compared to similar homes on the market. Providing incentives demonstrates your motivation as the seller to close a deal quickly.

Consider incentives like closing cost assistance, home warranty plans, moving packages, finishing unfinished spaces in the basement, etc., to entice buyers ready to make an offer.

However, avoid over-offering incentives just to spur interest – carefully weigh what makes financial sense for you. Consult with your real estate agent to determine appropriate incentives that are impactful yet affordable.

Sweetening the deal with well-chosen incentives could be what convinces buyers to choose your home over comparable properties.

Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage before listing your home shows buyers that you are serious and ready to sell quickly.

It enables buyers to more readily secure their competitive financing through your lender, which can expedite the transaction and closing process significantly. Pre-approval on your end minimizes last-minute hiccups that can otherwise delay closing timelines.

Ask your real estate agent for trusted lender referrals so you can apply for and obtain pre-approval before officially putting the house on the market.

This demonstrates to potential buyers that you already have “skin in the game” financing-wise and are committed to making the deal happen smoothly. It reduces uncertainties that could derail the deal.

Be Flexible On the Possession Date

Sometimes buyers may need a longer or shorter possession period before moving into the home after the closing date. Showing flexibility with the closing and possession dates makes your home more attractive to a wider pool of buyers. It also prevents losing qualified buyers who need a little extra time to finalize their move.

Unless you have constraints, try to accommodate buyer requests to reasonably postpone or expedite possession around the closing date. This ensures you don’t lose out on an excellent buyer match just because their moving timeline is different. Assess requests case-by-case, but aim to be adaptable, barring extenuating circumstances.

Declutter and Clean

An immaculate, clutter-free home appeals greatly to buyers and creates a positive impression as soon as they walk through the front door.

Thoroughly clean all rooms – declutter by removing or storing unnecessary items, dispose of things you don’t need, and put excess furniture and personal belongings into offsite storage to create a spacious, welcoming look and feel.

Scrub surfaces, vacuum floors, shampoo carpets, and wash windows until the entire house sparkles. Fix even minor flaws like cracks in walls, small stains, dripping faucets, and burned-out light bulbs. A spotless, well-maintained house makes buyers feel your home has been well-cared for and is truly move-in ready.

Price Drops

If your home has been on the real estate market for a few weeks with minimal showings or offers, consider a small price reduction. This expands the pool of prospective buyers by making your home more affordable to those with lower budgets.

Avoid drastic price cuts – small, incremental drops of around 0.5 to 3% are best to boost buyer interest. Discuss with your agent at what point and price to consider a reduction.

Time it around 4-6 weeks after listing, when initial buyer traffic typically slows. Modest price drops signal your motivation as the seller to deal, often bringing in second looks from previously interested buyers.


Selling quickly is possible with the right prep work and marketing strategy tailored to your home. Focus on pricing competitively, staging effectively, and being flexible to attract qualified buyers in less time.


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